Is Vaping Safer Than Traditional Smoking?

The popularity of electronic cigarettes has been growing a lot lately. Many claim they vape because it’s safer than smoking a cigarette. But is that really true? You may be getting confused because everyone seems to have their own opinion about this but we’re here to explain it to you.

What exactly is an electronic cigarette?

E-cigs heat liquids into aerosols. Then the person using the vape inhales that aerosol. Vapes generally contain nicotine, just like traditional cigarettes but besides the nicotine, e-cigarettes contain many harmful and dangerous liquids. A few of them are heavy metals, ultra-fine particles and chemicals such as diacetyl. These substances make vaping even more addicting.

The health risks compared to traditional cigarettes

Lungs are what’s mostly affected when you smoke or vape. “Popcorn lungs” is a nickname for bronchiolitis obliterans . It’s very common with people who vape. Popcorn lungs are basically when the small airways of your lungs get inflamed. The inflammation makes you cough and have short breath, and can be very dangerous. The lungs can not function properly and you don’t get enough air so you need to be put on a ventilator, or worse. Vaping really can kill your lungs.

Traditional smoking affects your lungs a little differently. The more you smoke, the more the carcinogens attack and weaken the wall of your lung, and you end up with a lung that doesn’t function. Cigarettes also increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and various cancers.

Both cigarettes and vapes damage your lungs but in different ways. You’re more likely to develop a cancer with traditional smoking but it depends on the substance that you’re vaping. Secondhand smoke is also worse for you than secondhand vapor, but second hand vapor still affects your health. Both are also extremely addicting.

Here’s the thing about vaping

The problem is that you can add anything to the liquid that you consume when you are vaping. There can be marijuana or CBD oil in the fluid and you might not even know. Half the time people don’t know exactly what they’re inhaling. The dangers of vaping vary based on the fluid you’re vaping. Also, vaping has been around for way less than smoking so we don’t have a lot of information about the long term effects of vaping. Different doctors have come to different conclusions about the dangers of vaping and it may get confusing in comparison to cigarettes. We know so much about cigarettes and we know all the side effects and dangers of smoking. We just don’t know as much about electronic cigarettes.

We do know some things for sure about the health effect of vaping though. The ultra-fine particles that may be found in e-cigs can go deep into your lungs and cause some serious damage. Not only is the nicotine damaging your lungs, all these other chemicals are as well.

Just like cigarettes, they also cause problems in brain development for those whose brains are still developing. This is a serious issue considering that vaping is most popular with teens and young adults.

What About the Cost If Vaping

Well, this is a critical pro ex-smokers clearly understand after only a week of vaping. Cost comes down to almost a third than before. A pack of cigarettes costs at least $$6, which means a pack-a-day habit sets you back $180 per month or $2,160 per year minimum.

Electronic cigarettes range from $20 like the recent Blu, up to $79.99 (the South beach smoke starter kit with 10 cartridges included). Keeping the same smoking intensity, one cartridge will last at least 2-3 days. With an average cost of $5 per cartridge, you see a total cost as high as $800 per year. Talking about costs, these companies encourage vaping through a discount coupon policy. For example, customers can find and use promo codes like a southbeachsmoke discount coupon and get a starter kit at just $19.99. You can check all prices and options where dab pens for sale.


In the end, the substance you vape determines whether it’s healthier than smoking but both are incredibly harmful and it is recommended by all doctors to stay away from both. We’ve got more negative effects to smoking than vaping but that could simply be because smoking has been around for way longer and we are missing some vital information and statistics about vaping. We are starting to discover more information about vaping that will help us figure out how bad it is.