Gregg Sgar releases “Don’t Go Outside” to listen to during quarantine

Don’t Go Outside touches on the unknown time frame of being able to see your loved ones and remembering a time when everything was better. Now in a world of chaos and confusion, is hope the only thing you have to get you by?

Worlds collide. Gregg Sgar’s artistic persona is a pure synergy of modern electronic music and rocknroll roots. Arising from New Jersey, and looking to play an essential role in the evolution of music for generations to come, Gregg’s musical output is a product of experimentation. By fearlessly pushing boundaries, Gregg’s sound could best be described by blending sounds of Rock, Lo-Fi, Chill, R&B, and Hip Hop showcasing modern influences from Matt Healy, Paul Meany, Billie Eilish, Leon Bridges and classic vocalists such as Chris Cornell, David Bowie, Trent Reznor, and Prince. With vulnerable and relatable performance charisma, and award-winning songwriting/production ability, Gregg Sgar makes a statement.