Dee Mula & Lil Baby Bring The Party To Life in “Da Weekend”

Memphis rapper Dee Mula came through with his latest single “Da Weekend”, and he’s called on Lil Baby to assist him in bringing the party to life in new visuals.

The video is certainly reminiscent of the debauchery and chaos of Project X, as Dee and Baby have a blast with a gaggle of barely-clothed girls jumping around in a bouncy castle and splashing around in the pool. Dee can be seen dancing on top of a UHaul truck and throwing a blowup doll around before a sign indicating that he plans to run for president so that he can “legalize weed” appears on screen. Due to the nature of the visuals’ events, the video comically opens with an official announcement declaring that “All drug, alcohol, and substance abuse is simulated for your enjoyment,” and that neither artist nor the label “condone any underage substance use and abuse.” Come for the Lil Baby feature and stay for the catchy chorus.