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BULLETS AND OCTANE Release “Ain’t Gonna Be Your Dog” Music Video

US hard rock band, BULLETS AND OCTANE, have released a new music video for ‘Ain’t Gonna Be Your Dog’, co-written with ex Buckcherry guitarist Keith Nelson. The song is taken from the new album “Riot Riot Rock N Roll”, out worldwide physical and digitally on April 24th via Bad MoFo Records/Cargo Records UK.

New > Seb Wildblood shares King Krule ‘Underclass’ remix > Listen Here

Seb Wildblood’s second installment of his all my edits for charity is a reinterpretation of King Krule’s ‘Underclass’.

Set for release on a ‘Pay What You Like’ basis via Bandcamp March 19th, all donations will go towards the Southwark Food Bank in Peckham.

standards release “Special Berry”

Fruit Island’s lead single “Special Berry” blends simplicity and complexity into an infectious jaunt of nimble fingertapping and agile drumming. Guitarist Marcos Mena’s expertise is the song’s focal point, with energetic melodies contorted to drummer Forrest Rice’s bouncy ferocity. In spite of its technical and precise nature, the instrumental composition is catchy and singable, inviting listeners to join the fun and dance along. Written entirely by Mena, “Special Berry” represents the idea of something simple yet covertly complex, like a small blueberry with tart yet sweet flavor.


I’M A BAD PERSON includes exclusive features from NoCap and TisaKorean, alongside the recently released tracks, “Tracktor” and “Different,” both accompanied by equally compelling companion visuals. The latter premiered via The FADER, which wrote, “(Xanman) begins with a melodic croon that quickly turns into a gnarled flow. It’s this flexibility that allows him to be threatening and vulnerable at the same time.” “Produced by WhoisMike, ‘Different’ is led by a lush arrangement of pan flute notes, vibrant synths and heavy bass drums,” added HYPEBEAST. “Xanman comes through with melodic vocals that blend seamlessly with the groove of the instrumentals.”


“I wrote ‘Healing’ after I saw this quote ‘if you don’t heal yourself, you’ll bleed all over the ones that didn’t cut you.’ It made me really take a step back and address certain aspects of my life; to stop losing myself in other people and really discover who I am. I know we’re going through maddening and worrisome times. But it’s these periods in life where we love more and are present for the people who need us. When we finally start to heal, I hope we continue to love and support each other in the same way.” – Arlissa


Slow Dakota the project from Chicago (by way of New York and Indiana) based songwriter and label owner Paul Sauerteig has released, “Coming to the Nuisance,” the second single off his upcoming album Tornado Mass for Voice & Synthesizer due out May 1 on Massif Records.

mxdwn PREMIERE: Slow Dakota Releases Meditative New Song “Coming To The Nuisance”


Nashville-by-way-of-New England singer/songwriter Glenn Thomas has unveiled the latest single from his forthcoming LP Reassure Me There’s A Window, out May 15th via Palace Flophouse Records. “Catherine Ames,” a much-needed slice of catharsis and sonic sunshine, inspired by Cathy Ames, the antagonist of John Steinbeck’s East Of Eden. “She’s pretty evil and causes a lot of pain for the main character,” Thomas explained to Americana-UK in its premiere of the track. “This song is about holding on to pain and anger as though they are part of your identity. Forgiveness is not the same as forgetting, and as with any kind of healing and moving forward, it takes time.” When Thomas realized he had let go of something from his past that had been a painful burden for years, he wrote “Catherine Ames” to embody the purifying effect from relief he experienced, using a character name from one of his favorite authors given the similar and relatable themes of resolution and moving forward in East Of Eden. Americana-UK called Thomas’s new single is “a gently reflective song which concentrates on the healing virtues of time – and how pain has made him a better, more resilient, person.”

Track Premiere: Glenn Thomas “Catherine Ames”


Russian-Iranian duo, KIALLA starts the KOVID-19 Marathon with their first release – “Kenshi.” As announced earlier today, the duo is aiming to release one song every 3 days for the entire length of the quarantine associated with the novel virus. This collection will be created in collaboration with various artists and musicians to keep the energy flow going. “It is a celebration of life, as long as we are all here on this planet, we need to create. And as challenging as it is to create under pressure, that’s the only thing that makes sense right now.”

Alex Carpi drops new single in lead of EP ‘Superfamous’

Pop-rock powerhouse Alex Carpi is making a splash in the music scenes of Melbourne. Kick-starting her year with the release of her Big City single, she now turns her focus to the release of the Superfamous EP.

Produced alongside of longtime collaborator Nick Mason, Superfamous is a hyper-colour EP that compliments the fierce energy of rock with a youthful pop exuberance. Getting lost in the moment, the desire to prove yourself and the full-on-feels of attraction are on display amongst emphatic drums and stadium guitar licks.

GIBSON Operations In The USA Temporarily Closed

Gibson has maintained the highest standard of protocol and recommended hygiene practices throughout the evolving COVID 19 situation, including daily leadership briefings and pro-active communication to all employees. This also included the monitoring of accordance with federal, state and local entities – and other professional sources. Until last Friday, the majority of manufacturing facilities across all industries remained open in the greater Nashville area, and beyond. Gibson’s facilities have NOT been in operation since Friday and will remain closed until further notice. To date, there have been zero reported cases of coronavirus across the Gibson employee base.

NEW SINGLE! SOLBLOMMA : Vara själv (To Be Alone)

“Over the dark landscape the moon is burning
and I am sitting by the river
– the only place where I want to be…”

“Vara själv” (To be alone) is a song about about the chosen or not chosen loneliness.

Ndr0N – Black EP

Through generative and algorithmic techniques, compositions emerge that defy personal preconceptions of rhythm and melody. By recording and sequencing these moments, Black is an attempt to humanize these mathematical processes.

Leftover Bullets new album “Tell mama do doing ok”

Leftover Bullets release the cover and track list of their new album “Tell mama do doing ok” and announce an official release date on April 27th under the seal of Soldout music records. The cover is for the second time signed by artist ViktoЯia with a 100% handmade Daza (the heroine of the LB cover art) and the digital editing of the album by Nikos Kitsos.

As the band states, these are 9 songs loaded with hard rock emotion that emerged after an intense odyssey period that lasted from the beginning of the compositions until the end of the recordings.