Emotionz Leaves Nothing Behind On “Complications”

Emotionz has released the song “Complications.” It is an electro, part dance, part hip hop song that will likely be enjoyed by people looking for this kind of hybrid mix of genres.

“Complications” begins with an electric piano synth, giving the listener an idea of what the genre of the song will be. The hip-hop vocals are on the faster side and upbeat. The track behind the vocals prominently features a drum line, and eventually, synth-based guitars and a drum clap.

The lyrics of the song indicate that Emotionz is looking to have a good time and forget about any worries. Lyrics in the chorus demonstrate this, with lines such as “I just wanna dance right here with you.” Emotionz also notes “All these complications/It’s gonna take some patience,” and wants to “spread the good vibrations”.


One of the highlights of this song is its upbeat nature. Emotionz perfectly combined the tempo of the lyrics and beat, with neither feeling out of place. Additionally, the beat could clearly be heard, giving the listener a full appreciate of what goes on behind the vocals. The seamless mixture of rapping and singing shows Emotionz is a versatile artist who can realistically release many different genres of music.