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Feel Good Collective Davis And The Love Announce Debut Album

The genre-bending pop group who seamlessly combines elements of Motown, 80s Pop, and 90s R&B and Hip-Hop are set to release their debut LP, Future Retro Love Story.

Highlighted by stories of redemption, relationships, and love, Future Retro Love Story will officially drop this spring.

Pacific Estate – ‘SHE’

“We recorded with award-winning producer Julius “Juice” Butty. The process was really special, in that it was the first song to ever be recorded at his new studio.

“She” is the story of a man getting to know someone, but just as he starts to fall for her, another woman he’s always longed for starts to pursue him. It feels surreal, almost as if he is being set up. It’s about the struggle of determining if you’re being selfish or putting yourself first.”

Ontario Rockers Pacific Estate Unveil Their Debut Single “She” [Premiere]

Lauren Records Releases New Single from Diners “Leisure World”

Leisure World (out April 24th) is the latest album from singer-songwriter Tyler Blue Broderick, who performs with the project Diners. Not only is it the most eclectic and ambitious album in the songwriter’s (already muscular) catalog to date—it’s one of the catchiest, most realized indie pop records released in years.

“Learning Curve is a song about trying your best and not beating yourself up when you make mistakes.” Says Broderick, adding “It’s also about patience and gratitude! After a confusing period of writer’s block and feeling like I was asking too much of my creative capabilities, Learning Curve came to me in a way that helped me rebuild and maintain my friendship with music. Leisure World found it’s direction and personality with Learning Curve too.”

“Mz Lynx – Pull Up”

Mz Lynx is a dope female rapper who grew up in Philadelphia. Her sound is warm & easy to listen to along with lyrical content and great delivery. Her look is what captures people’s attention but her sound is what keeps the audience engaged.

HANA Reveals Official Music Video For ‘Anxious Alien.’

Speaking on her single ‘Anxious Alien,’ HANA explains: “I wrote this song while streaming live on my twitch channel. I took suggestions from people on themes they wanted me to write about and one of the most common suggestions was social media. This song is a Jekyll and Hyde moment of my album HANADRIEL, about how social media can provide confidence and a needed outlet but also occasionally be the catalyst for deep depression.”

EPIC new track from Japan, Man // ‘Cautious’

Speaking more on the track Japan, Man shares:

“Cautious is a song about desperately wanting people to understand the struggles one might experience within themselves. It’s a call for emotional intelligence in our counterparts and patience when it comes to getting into any sort of relationship with another.”

Alexander 23 shares new track “Loving You Gets Hard” with video

“I thought about postponing the song release due to everything going on,” says Alexander. “But I think maintaining as much normalcy (while still being safe) as we can is something that we owe to ourselves and each other. Additionally, I think the message of the song really applies to what we are all going through right now: being there for people when things are easy is easy, but being there for people when things get hard is hard. It’s the latter that really defines a compassionate relationship.”

Rod Wave Releases New Single “Pray 4 Love” + Album Date

Rapper-singer Rod Wave (Alamo/Geffen Records) has just released the title single from his forthcoming second studio album, Pray 4 Love. Combining all the elements of a classic hip hop track, Rod Wave’s wordplay and intensity shines across the nostalgic beat, produced by Tre Gilliam (Kevin Gates/Quando Rondo). The 20-year-old Florida native continues to garner a steady following, with fans noting the lure of his authenticity and unique delivery. Earlier this month, Rod Wave’s visibility soared with the Lyrical Lemonade debut of his video for “Thief in the Night.” The black and white Cole Bennett-directed visual, has exceeded 7.5MM views on YouTube to date.

keshi releases new music video for “blue”

keshi has released a stunning new music video for his track “blue.” the video captures keshi in a melancholic state. the moody lo-fi visuals show keshi reflecting on a past relationship as he’s cruising in a convertible down the coast and eventually on the beach with scenes panning back to a party scene when times were happier. “you know what i needed, move on with the seasons,” he is evidently hung up on the past as everything surrounding him continues to change. tying acoustic melodies with a lo-fi beat and pining vocals, keshi has achieved yet another relatable track to supplement a heartbreak.


Today, Jah9 shares an important and timely message with her new video “Note To Self (Okay)” featuring Chronixx, the title track from her third studio album Note To Self released this past Friday (Mar 13) on VP Records.

Watch Mark Allen-Piccolo’s new “Under The Cherry Tree”

Regarding the track, Mark stated: “This song started as a soft piano ballad, but I wanted to take it as far away from that as I could. Beginning with a patch on the OB6 synth, I started searching for sonics that would complement the buzzy, spitty sound I had found. Pretty soon, the song developed into a collage of unrelated “sampled” music including some “bad” edits: a random distorted harp arpeggio, a monster bass solo by my pal Naytronix, a badly recorded piano. I processed my voice until it sounded like a choppy malfunction cyborg. The end result is quite a dystopian sci-fi cyber punk journey a la Bladerunner or Brazil. The lyrics talk about ducking under a cherry tree for cover as a storm rages. There, I share a moment with a stranger as we watch other people weather the storm”.

Premiere: Mark Allen-Piccolo reveals new video for Under the Cherry Tree, plus album news


Boston-based singer/songcrafter Mark Erelli has unveiled a live performance video of “I Can’t Stand Myself,” a new track off his LP Blindsided, due out via Soundly Music next Friday, March 27th. The track pairs a Bo Diddly beat with an exploration of faith and doubt. “We value faith highly in America, and there is an overarching feeling that you have to believe in something. But doubt can be as powerful as a locomotive, and on this song, I tie myself to the tracks,” Erelli explains of “I Can’t Stand Myself. “I’ve always thought of myself as a good person, but if that is true, then why do I occasionally let people down or hurt them?” “’I Can’t Stand Myself’ comes out swinging with a jangly piano riff, then leads into Erelli’s distinctive vocals,” says The Boot in its premiere of the video, which features Erelli along with Jake Armerding on fiddle.

Christopher John dwells deep into optimism and desire, on the dreamy ‘Be Honest’      

Frontman and keyboardist of the synth-pop band Dead Ceremony, Christopher John returns to the music scene with new his solo-project, and upcoming single ‘Be Honest.’

Despite Christopher’s vision starting in early 2018, he decided to postpone the process due to unfortunate circumstances. “My dad passed away, sadness set in and music felt incidental” he said.

DESTROYED IN SECONDS: BrooklynVegan Premieres “The Badge”

Issues the band of the track, “‘The Badge’ is a scathing and damning response to the rising police state and law enforcement worship that has been growing in this country under an administration which openly embraces nationalism and open violence on minorities and those who oppose these dangerous ideals. Fascists openly march in the streets with police escorts. Officers under fire for misconduct and brazen brutality are acquitted even with the most damning of evidence against them. An entire counter movement was created to undermine the voices of those who decide to take a stand against the corrupt law enforcement system which openly demonizes and targets the oppressed. This is a response. This is a battle cry. This is not a threat. There is no warning shot.”

MARROWFIELDS: Atmospheric doom act unveils title track off the debut album via Invisible Oranges

Fall River, MA group Marrowfields conjure surreal atmospheric doom metal through their upcoming debut, Metamorphoses. Invisible Oranges is currently streaming the title track exclusive on their site.

The band informs: “Transformation and the ability to explore realms that are foreign to us are cornerstone to the theme set in ‘Metamorphoses’. We wanted to paint a picture, and tell a story of another world with crushing soundscapes. The ability to let go of all things tangible, and really let yourself submerge into a harrowing journey is what this album and title track is ultimately about.”

Raquel Lily – Entitled “fuccboi”

Born in the Philippines, raised in New York and currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, Raquel Lily is an independent singer, songwriter, producer, guitarist and online personality. She streams music performance and a variety of content, including live vlogging (IRL Streaming), Just Chatting, Social Eating, gaming and cooking on Twitch. Graduating from UC Davis with a degree in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior, Raquel left the medical field and dove head first into her creative pursuit in music and began online streaming in 2017.


Wes Reeve is embarking on a gargantuan task this year. Releasing a song a week for 52 weeks from March 11th, the LA based artist is inviting us all into her world with sprawling debut album, Come To The Table. Taken from the project is stunning new offering, Flowers In My Hair, a beautiful track recalling the likes of Fiona Apple and Joanna Newsome. Speaking on the release, Wes Reeve states:

Don Toliver Drops “After Party” Companion Visual

Today, Houston recording artist Don Toliver dropped the companion visual to “After Party,” a standout track from his debut album “Heaven Or Hell” on Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack Label (Cactus Jack/Atlantic).