Cyn Unveils Music Video For ‘I Can’t Believe.’

Cyn returns today with the music video for “I Can’t Believe,” which serves as the opening track from her debut EP, Mood Swing (out now via Unsub Records). Co-directed by Cyn and Daniel Waynick, the video sees Cyn enjoying a day at the beach with some friends, skateboarding, eating ice cream and frolicking up and down the boardwalk. Shot on location in Venice, CA, the video is the perfect companion to this upbeat romp, co-written by Cyn and longtime collaborator and producer, Matias Mora. Equal parts gritty and euphoric, Cyn exudes pure joy throughout, singing “I can’t believe, I can’t believe, I can’t believe this is my life!” in the chorus.

Talking about the video, Cyn reveals, “The video for ‘I Can’t Believe’ came together with the help of my best friends and especially my dear friend and co-director, Daniel Waynick. I had always envisioned a video for ‘I Can’t Believe’ with an emphasis on friendship, ice cream cones, soccer balls, and fun-loving energy. I am so excited to share a natural and honest interpretation of a song that means the absolute world to me. It feels incredible to get this portrayal off my chest especially in a way that feels authentic; I am so thankful to everyone who watches.”