INTRODUCING: NYC’s dark alt-pop artist Kacie Marie shares haunting new single “Bad Luck”

Filmed by Abyssu and Anthony Curry and edited by Kacie and Chris Vongsawat, Kacie describes the slightly NSFW (depending on where you work!) video for “Bad Luck” as a lusty, dangerous high speed chase, where she lures in and preys upon lost souls that she once loved. She is both drawn to, and draws strength from the darker arts, like horror films and dystopian cinema.

As a multi-talented visual artist, Kacie Marie is not interested in being one-note, or accomplishing one task, leaving music videos as an afterthought. Instead, she started developing visuals for her new music while the songs were still coming together. The visuals are threatening and exhilarating all at once—its strength is in how hard it would be to imagine the song coming before the video, or the video before the song. Her sidekick, producer Joel Hamilton, helps bring sonic life to Kacie Marie’s visions and dreams. After all, what’s a superhero without her sidekick? They have compatible skills—Kacie Marie is a dust cloud of glitter, agony and sex, while Hamilton (with seven Grammy nominated projects to date as well as a co-write with Tom Waits, on top of all his other notable production credits) gives that amorphous form some shape—and a natural connection for what they want to accomplish.