Candlelight Chaos New Single ‘Crush of Innocence’

Colossal rifts and righteous indignation reign supreme over Candlelight Chaos stately “Crush Of Innocence”. Incredible aggression rules over the whole of the track from the intense buzz of the guitars to the sheer force of nature that are those pounding drums. Vocals have a triumphant, defiant air to them. Rising above the din with such style everything about the vocal work commands attention. Lyrics opt for a surrealist style, with illusions galore. Volume deserves to be absolutely blasted for this is a piece best experienced as an all-consuming approach.

Racing through at a frantic pace, the ramshackle style of the drums starts to tighten up. The riffs have a tremendous heaviness to them. Her voice though proves to be an almost siren call as her theatrical displays simply stuns. Such a tremendous delivery it simply soars up into the sky with a majestic presence. Guitars knot themselves around her voice, or at least try, for the lyrics come through with a great clarity. Building up it grows ever larger and larger, with the rhythm opting for an ever more driving presence. When they lean back away from the abyss the moodiness becomes readily apparent, for it sounds akin to a wordless choir. For the final stretch of the piece they show off their incredible chops, with the soloing nearly psychedelic in nature, holding absolutely nothing back at all.

A feral quality defines Candlelight Chaos wild, unhinged spirit of “Crush Of Innocence”.

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