New Video By Chelzzz “Somewhere In Miami”

The environment that surrounds you impacts your well-being, your progress, and your outlook. This is why Chelzzz relocated from Detroit to Miami, where the music industry welcomed her with open arms. Influenced by her basketball team to top figures ranging from Nicki Minaj to Lil Kim, Chelzzz was hooked on the rap wordplay game right away. Her music path was on and off due to some trouble she fell into but has restructured her priorities to solely music and activism. Chelzzz connects people through her lyricism; she knows that people struggle every day, and by being honest with her hardships, she can relate to her listeners.

Elevator Magazine perfectly describes her as “the white female Lil Wayne & Eminem mashed with the sex appeal of Rihanna.” Chelzzz is a significant supporter of the LGBT community as a lesbian rapper. The scrutiny she faced throughout her life turned into motivation for her music and a will to keep grinding. A self-described “firecracker” Chelzzz knows how to make her beats work for her; she brings attitude to the mic with such intensity that comes off as slightly intimidating yet overpowered by intrigue.

Picturesque blue skies, pretty girls, and bold colors, “Somewhere in Miami” encompasses the culture, the attitude, and grit Miami has to offer. Chelzzz knows she might not be the most well behaved, but she stays on top of her game, so no one steps over her. She left behind her old life and “manners” in exchange for the highest-end apparel and Rolls Royce flex through the town. Unlike many hip-hop videos where women are sexual commodities and show off because of their seductive appeal, “Somewhere in Miami” portrays women as power figures, where they make the decisions and are the “ballers.” Chelzzz not only works hard and plays hard for herself but makes sure her music is a platform to lift others up as well.