Rev Peter Unger Remembers His Beloved Mother In ‘Reunion’

Rev Peter Unger embraces a full-band sound on the lovely country chamber pop of “My Reunion with You”. With an arrangement that recalls Kurt Wagner’s “Lambchop” there is a great sense of beauty imbued within the lyrics. A reflective disposition rests front and center of the entirety of the track. His powerful voice ties it all together featuring a tremendous spirit of tenderness and togetherness. The cyclical nature of the work gives it a dreamy, soothing disposition. Instrumentally vibrant the guitars intermingle in a virtual kaleidoscopic array. Rich, lush tones reverberate in the vast space while it all merges together in a way that feels significant.


The familial presence becomes immediately apparent. Rev Peter Unger remembers his mother with the greatest of goodwill. Her kind presence helped to shape him into the person he became. With such a spacious approach the guitars ring up into the sky. Such grace reigns supreme over the whole of the work, as it unfurls at its own pace. Completely forgoing percussion, the song embraces a pastoral imagery for it has such a clear-eyed focus to it. The clarity works perfectly for it as the many layers intermingle in a way that has a tactile sensibility to it. All of it has a fresh, reinvigorated spirit to it. For the final stretch all of these becomes uniquely balanced in a way that has a gorgeousness.

“My Reunion with You” shows off Rev Peter Unger’s gracious voice and goodwill.

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