Belle of the Fall Release ‘The Bending of Light’

I’m thrilled to get a chance to listen to and review this recent album titled ‘The Bending of Light’ by Belle of the Fall. I have had the opportunity to interview Belle of the Fall, (, and review a classic cover by the Connecticut-based duo, ( If brilliant harmonies and acoustic folk are your thing, then Belle of the Fall is your ticket! Belle of the Fall is made up of two members: Tracy Walton & Julia Autumn Ford and they will not disappoint your ears. ‘The Bending of Light’ is the duo’s third album release to date and what an amazing job overall on this record!

There are nine distinct tracks on ‘The Bending of Light’; each one with its own identity, flavor and story. The album starts up with a song called “October Mountain” that puts you in an instant dream-like state by way of a convincing voice & pitch-perfect melody. “October Mountain” has such a pleasant aura and is just mellow to the core. Next up, prepare your eardrums for soft whispers and silky, smooth harmonies on “Heart of Alone”. Track three, “What If”, comes across as a chipper, upbeat number that is just a fun tune you can clap along to.

You can also check out the official video for “What If” right here for added enjoyment:

Moving along, one will bear witness to the sounds of “Glory Days” where Belle of the Fall is shining bright for all the hear. Get ready to dive in and “bring back the Glory Days” on this catchy number you will be singing along to whether you like it or not! Track five, “Nowhere at All”, includes a loose, carefree beat/vibe that sounds like an incredibly high-spirited number. “Silent Scream” is exactly how it sounds with a haunting presence and mysterious melody in place. “Silent Scream” is a scary, good time with one danceable hook that is sure to please. Track seven, “All I Need Is You”, is soft ‘n’ sweet and the quintessential song for that special someone in your life. Gallop along to “Stars Aligned” where you will want to gaze up at the starry sky for hours on end. Belle of the Fall ends on a strong note with the title track, ‘The Bending of Light’, where the musical duo is lighting the way with their illuminating sound.

Belle of the Fall can be compared to fine wine because their taste in music is impeccable. Better yet, the delivery of this fineness is outstanding as Tracy and Julia seem to be perfectly in sync. Belle of the Fall offers an intoxicating blend of elements from Folk and Rock to Pop, Alternative and Americana and they make it all work. I love the fact that you can’t place Belle of the Fall into a specific category/genre because this group has its own, original sound. Belle of the Fall marches to beat of their own drum and it’s a glorious outcome. ‘The Bending of Light’ is the third album for Belle of the Fall and will not be their last. I have a feeling this dynamic duo has a lot more to say and plenty more material to write. I also feel Belle of the Fall is just scratching the surface, but ‘The Bending of Light’ is a fantastic effort that should be adored and admired by many. This incredibly talented duo does have scheduled dates in their home state of Connecticut, so if you’re on the East Coast you don’t want to miss Belle of the Fall and their mesmerizing, live performance. Belle of the Fall is standing tall and their new release, ‘The Bending of Light’, has come through with flying colors!

By Jimmy Rae + (