Jimmy Rae Ringing in 2019 with Belle Of The Fall

Sound the Belle…Of The Fall and prepare to hear music that your ears have never heard before.  Belle Of The Fall is a dynamic duo made up of: Tracy Walton & Julia Autumn Ford.  The two artists are based in Connecticut and have musical chemistry like you wouldn’t believe!  Start the year off right with the shiny & sharp Belle Of The Fall.

J Rae: With your release of Simon & Garfunkel’s classic “Scarborough Fair” that I was lucky enough to review, https://skopemag.com/2018/11/21/belle-of-the-fall-release-scarborough-fair, how did this idea come about for the song and music video?

Tracy Walton: We like to take songs and make them our own. “Scarborough Fair” is actually an old English folk song that dates back to the 1600’s. Being an original band, we always try to do remakes rather than covers. For this song we envisioned it as if the character arrives at “Scarborough Fair” to realize it is more a side show with a dark undercurrent. We envisioned it as if we were in one of the tents that people would walk into throughout the night. In this way we tried to make it much darker than the Simon & Garfunkel version.

J Rae: I was very impressed with your cover of this timeless treasure that is “Scarborough Fair”, but dying to know if Paul Simon and/or Art Garfunkel have heard your rendition and if they had any positive feedback on the recording? 

Tracy Walton: We are not sure on that. It’s funny we just talked yesterday and Julia reminded me that I used to be in a trio with Paul’s drummer, Jim Oblon. She feels like I should reach out and have him listen. I suppose she is correct. Haha

J Rae: I mentioned in my previous review how wonderful you both sound together and that it was shocking to discover that your debut album was released just two years ago.  Did you both connect right away in person and in the studio?  And was the musical chemistry immediately in place at the very moment you two started practicing and playing together?

Tracy Walton: It immediately felt like we had done this before when we started working together. There is a theory that we choose our journey before we come to earth and then forget the choices we made when we get here. It feels like we choose to sing together every time we are given the option. Unfortunately, as I said, part of that theory states we forget everything we knew, so we have to relearn how to really blend every time. Haha  But to us at least, there is no denying that our voices fill the gaps in each others and create one whole that is entirely different than the parts.

J Rae: How did the group name, Belle of the Fall, originate?

Tracy Walton: I was just driving one day when we were trying to find a name. It hit me and I immediately texted just the name to Julia with no explanation. It simply said, “Belle of the Fall.” At that moment I knew it was our name. According to her, she looked at the text and knew it was our name immediately as well.

J Rae: Being that you both are based in Connecticut, can you tell us all how the overall music scene is there?

Tracy Walton: There are some great bands in CT. It seems like people are making a lot of great music right now. There are more listening rooms popping up as of late, which is great for us. We don’t play anywhere where people are talking. It seems a bit counter productive.

J Rae: I have to say that Belle of the Fall is ONE vocally-sound duo and so would you mind telling all of the loyal Skope readers just how long it takes to perfect pitches and vocal harmonies?  That eureka feeling when you know you nailed it and the vocals are spot on!

Tracy Walton: I think we are still looking for that Eureka moment most days and that’s what keeps it exciting. We play music together most days and mostly focus on the harmonies. Julia is such a great singer that she pushes us to get better all the time. Once you really dig deep into it you realize why there aren’t many groups that are crazy enough to try to really become great at full on two part harmony. It’s a huge commitment. But the nights where it is on, it’s pure magic.

J Rae: When not playing music, what else are you into as far as hobbies/activities go?

Julia Autumn Ford: We both are avid readers and are constantly talking about the new books we have gotten into. Hiking, eating, that’s pretty much it. We spend the majority of our time playing, writing, recording, filming, editing, etc.

J Rae: Can you tell the Skope Universe your #1 pet peeve and why?  :)

Julia Autumn Ford: For a second, I thought this question meant a pet peeve we have ABOUT each other. Let’s not go there. I’m not really a peeved person, but one thing that gets me is road rage. I cannot stand and do not understand road rage. The name calling, the beeping, the fury, the waste of energy, the rudeness. I just don’t get it. It doesn’t sit very well in my stomach.

J Rae: What projects are you currently working on and how does 2019 look for Belle of the Fall?

Julia Autumn Ford: 2019 could go a few different ways. This is what I’m hoping for; record our third album in January and February, release it in April, do a bunch of touring to our favorite places and some new places we have not yet played, shoot a video for one of our songs wearing cow suits in a field of cows, and start writing our fourth album.

J Rae: Any special plans for the Christmas/Holiday season 2018?

Julia Autumn Ford: Eat as much pumpkin pie as I possibly can.

J Rae: I’ve been ending my interviews on a positive note, as it’s become a regular theme, and for me personally, it’s especially more meaningful this time of year.  So, with that being said can you offer up any words of encouragement and maybe, just maybe provide life-changing advice for someone in need out there?

Julia Autumn Ford: There is suffering everywhere, tons of it. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, how much money you have, what you look like, you have suffered at some point in your life. Pain doesn’t discriminate. That can be a scary thing, it can also be a beautiful thing. No matter how you choose to look at it, try to let it be a reason for being as kind and compassionate as you can possibly be. Not just when you’re love drunk on the Christmas spirit, but every moment of  every day of every season.


By Jimmy Rae (jrae2@att.net)