Swedish sensation Frida Sundemo releases inspirational ballad “Gazelles”    

The Swedish songstress Frida Sundemo releases new ballad, “Gazelles” today, a soft sung melody that acknowledges the fears of the unknown while letting life “run like gazelles.” The string-heavy, billowing track provides an uplifting inspiration for listeners and is the perfect song for setting goals and resolutions in 2020. Celebrating ten years of artistry, Sundemo gives listeners her peaceful light vocals and powerful violins in this song.

Frida explains “Gazelles” saying, “It’s like you’re standing in front of an ocean of great choices but the fear of taking the wrong path is constantly picking you on the shoulder. Still, you’re overwhelmed by the beauty of the unknown.” In comparison to her recent single “Nothing Can Hurt Me”, an upbeat electro-pop bop, this track can be described as a more soothing serenade with a heartening undertone.

s – https://open.spotify.com/album/4fVJjFRc2NruhzaG6cxW4i