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LA’s Leland and the Silver Wells Share Video for “Give Up The Gun”

“The conceptual and visual map for the Give up the Gun Video came from 1961 film Something Wild directed by Jack Garfein about a college student who is brutally raped on her way home from a student gathering in New York City and how this trauma plays out in her mind, emotions, and body against a stark urban portrait of 1960s Manhattan. The city in all its grittiness and ruthlessness and alienation becomes the landscape and projection of her traumatized consciousness. Her innocence is shattered and she is on the run in unbearable scenes of heat and claustrophobia in subway cars, dingy austere apartments, and city streets. I found the visual and emotional touchstones of this film to be a perfect guide to the lyrics and music of Give Up the Gun so director Larissa Jaks and stylist Carly O’hurn crafted a look and a feel for the video starring Brandi Shea very much inspired by the film and its star Carroll Baker. Jaks’ treatment of the video supports the epic emotional and sonic journey of the song in the subdued and faded hues of a dark memory.” – Leland Ettinger

BENJAMIN TOD: A Heart Of Gold Is Hard To Find Streaming At New Noise Magazine

BENJAMIN TOD – founding vocalist/guitarist of iconic dark country outfit, The Lost Dog Street Band – delivers his second full-length solo album, A Heart Of Gold Is Hard To Find. The LP sees release through Anti-Corporate Music this week, just six months after Lost Dog Street Band’s acclaimed Weight Of A Trigger LP rode the Billboard Bluegrass charts upon its release in March. On the eve of its release, the new album is now streaming early through an exclusive post at New Noise Magazine.

Album Premiere: Benjamin Tod – A Heart Of Gold Is Hard To Find

Brothers Max and Mitch Bell form the project Blue Sails, whose engaging new track “Chosen.”

“Overcrowded bars and blurry streets are the settings for cinema-inspired lyrics, while soaring synths and a crystalline arpeggiator narrate fresh infatuation. We wanted to capture the tension between public social discomfort and private social longing without sacrificing the groove, as we felt called to do something funky on the bass guitar.

This track is also the product of a complete transformation in our creative process. While our debut album was conceived in a fog of abstraction and mysticism, this song was born of the world. Together we explored the concrete details of urban nights while attempting to imbibe feelings from our own personal experiences in order to motivate not only the lyrics, but the soundscape.”

Jeryko Releases Music Video for “Friends”

“Friends” is drawn from Jeryko’s upcoming EP, Human. Co-produced by Jeryko (née Yaniv Hoffman) himself with Grammy-nominated Taylor Larson (Asking Alexandria, From First To Last, I See Stars) and multi-instrumentalist Thavius Beck (Saul Williams, Mars Volta, Nas), Human is a powerful collection of songs written through a lens of faith and mission. Much of the lyrical content is inspired by Hoffman’s experience working on himself, his unexpected path to neo-Hassidism, his search for his other half and ultimately finding this love in a widowed woman with three children. The underlying themes of the EP deal with pushing past boundaries and facing uncomfortable realities for the sake of love, truth and life.

Get Ferocious with ICON the GREAT – “Back For More”

ICON the GREAT was formed when Big Wave teamed up with long time collaborator and best friend Tripper, to try and create something raw, pure, and most importantly fun. “We both came in with clean slates of our musical pasts and laid down what felt natural and exciting. We crushed a case of Miller Lite’s, talked, hit record and let what happen happen,” Tripper recalls.

London based Orchid wards off evil eyes with second single ‘Voodoo’

London based artist Orchid today (21/11/19) shares her second single ‘Voodoo’. Utilising sparse, subtle production; a restless bassline is a constant throughout, with Orchid’s delicate vocal lines sitting neatly atop of the rich instrumental.

Written about wanting to preserve a new, fledgling relationship, Orchid sings in its refrain: “Nervous if I say the words, this thing will come loose / Baby, put your trust in voodoo”.

OLIVER TANK returns with atmospheric LP ‘THE OCEAN FADES INTO THE SKY’

A wave of aural delight, Sydney’s visionary producer Oliver Tank makes a bold return with his engrossing fourth official release, The Ocean Fades Into The Sky, his first project since 2017.

Across 15 tracks of atmospheric and textural bliss, Oliver Tank never fails to craft otherworldly soundscapes to drift away with. This project is no different, whether it be the rich chords and sharp percussion on ‘Blame on Me’, delicate, ambient arrangement on ‘Made of Gold’, or moving and heartfelt character and sentimental vocals on ‘Look The Other Way’, each vibrant segment stands out in a unique and irresistible way.

Valerie Warntz premieres “Hate You ‘Cause I Love You,” single out

A day ahead of its official release, UK-based singer/songwriter Valerie Warntz premiered her latest single, “I Hate You ‘Cause I Love You,” via Phonograph Me.

“Full of subtleties and very sophisticated… Valerie Warntz is one of those names we can’t forget,” writes the Phonograph team in their premiere earlier today.

DIGITAL BRAINS “The Itch” Official Lyric Video

“We won’t say who this happened to, but, we all like the bad girls. Face it, they’re fun. Girls, you like the bad guys too. You know, when there’s that person you know is no good for you, but it’s so right….at least the sex is anyway? So right, you get “The Itch” to go back, even when you know you shouldn’t because you’re addicted to them. You get “The Itch” to go back, because something about the way the treat you like shit keeps you hooked. Unfortunately, sometimes the bad girls (or boys) give you more than you bargained for. When “The Itch” sends you to the doctor, well, its a bitch.” – ADAM SHOENFELD (Vocals)

Alula Blue release new single ‘Sunlight’

Two warmly-received singles deep into their young, burgeoning career and Brisbane indie four-piece Alula Blue are proud to offer their newest, ‘Sunlight’. They launch the single tonight at the Empire Hotel, Fortitude Valley.

Amassing a tidy, formative number of streams for their first two releases – 2018’s ‘Cloudy’ and ‘Villains’ – the band have this time delivered a dazzling slice of breezy rock-pop, just in time for Summer. It’s somewhat of an uplifting ode to being forced apart from someone you care about. While that sense of hopelessness does initially strike, an even stronger feeling of future optimism emerges, reflecting a prevailing feeling of freedom.


“Loneliest Time Of Year” has the warm feel of a classic Christmas song, but the lyrics are graced with Mabel’s trademark brutal honesty (“sorry I’m not so merry / but I feel like this yearly”). Wrapping R&B and gospel melodies up with Mabel’s richly soulful voice, the track takes her lifelong love of Destiny’s Child’s “8 Days Of Christmas” and pairs it with a raw emotions for those who find the holiday season far from the most wonderful time of the year.


Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and Grammy®-winning singer and songwriter OZZY OSBOURNE today has released his next track “Straight To Hell.” It marks the second song to be released from his first album in 10 years, ORDINARY MAN, due out on Epic Records in early 2020.


Chart-breaking artist, XXXTentacion, will cement his legacy as a musical prodigy with the release of his final full-length album Bad Vibes Forever, due out December 6th. Pre-order it HERE via Bad Vibes Forever/EMPIRE. Billie Eilish, Trippie Redd, Craig Xen and PnB Rock reflect on the scale of X’s impact in a recently posted album trailer; view it HERE. In the clip, Eilish dubs X “a beam of light,” and Trippie Redd signs off with “forever and always.” In addition to “Bad Vibes Forever,” XXXTentacion’s forthcoming Bad Vibes Forever album will also include previously released singles “Royalty” [feat. Ky-Mani Marley, Stefflon Don & Vybz Kartel] and “HEARTEATER.”

James Deacon releases candid alternative pop anthem “HERO aka Rich”

“This song is a very important one for me. I wrote this song about my relationship with my brother that went from an inseparable bond and a decade worth of good times and life shaping events to an abrupt end in a fiery mess of emotions,” Deacon explains candidly when questions about the song’s lyrical weight.