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Sofia Härdig brings chugging energy and intense lyricism on “SUCKING THE FLOWERS”

Having released her new album “THIS BIG HUSH” earlier this month, Sofia Härdig now captivates with her high-energy track “SUCKING THE FLOWERS” that runs with infectious riffs, built on layers of scrappy percussion reminiscent of The Birthday Party or Pixies, and embellished with Sofia’s vocals as she sings “We call us in, to inner crimes, it’s tender, it’s sore, an attempt, to murder, it’s tender, it’s sore”.

Jake Shimabukuro Announces New Studio Album

“People call me an ‘ambassador for the ukulele,’ but I really don’t see myself that way,” Shimabukuro says. “I’m simply a fan of the instrument. Ever since I was a kid, I just loved playing it, and over time, I started to realize that you could do more than just play traditional songs on it. You can play heavy metal riffs and make different sounds. You can make it rock like an electric guitar. There’s no end to what you can do on the ukulele, and it’s been rewarding for me to show that to people all over the world. I still love and respect traditional music, but I also enjoy exploring other sounds on the instrument.”


Hozier says: “I’m excited to share this new track ‘Jackboot Jump,’ which is the first taste of new music coming early next year. This song was written and recorded live on the road, so it seems fitting to share it now while the tour wraps up. Thank you for letting me share it with you at these shows if you caught it. Much love!”


Two People Share New Single ‘Dream Steppin”

Melbourne’s Two People have today returned their stunning new single Dream Steppin’, a hypnotic electronic soundscape that marks the first taste of new music since the release of their debut album First Body.

Sadler Vaden Announces ‘Anybody Out There?’ LP

Sadler Vaden is set to return with Anybody Out There? on March 6, 2020 via Dirty Mag Records / Thirty Tigers. The highly anticipated follow-up to his 2016 self-titled debut, Anybody Out There? was self-produced by Vaden, engineered by longtime collaborator (and multi-platinum producer) Paul Ebersold, and mastered by Grammy Award-winner Richard Dodd. The 10-song set sees the acclaimed instrumentalist at his most adventurous with melody-driven tracks backed by supersized electric guitar and hook-savvy songwriting that deals with the challenges of creating a true human connection in a modern, technology-obsessed world.

Cody and Marshal From Hinder Announce New Project: Dangerous Hippies

Hinder drummer Cody Hanson and frontman Marshal Dutton have announced a new project under the moniker Dangerous Hippies. The idea for the new band unofficially started in 2011 when the two were working as a songwriting/production partnership, before Marshall joined Hinder. They were approached to write a song for a commercial that was similar to The Black Keys. Once it was finished and they started to share the end result, the feedback from friends inspired them to continue. Cody Hansen says: “We were very inspired and were having a blast, so we decided to write more in the same style. It seemed to come naturally and since it had a more raw feel, we could spend more time on writing and less time polishing in the studio.” Over the years the sound has grown and evolved into a mixture of several styles with elements of rock, pop, hip hop, folk and reggae letting the duo spread their songwriting wings beyond the active rock they are best known for.


Says Rogers, “I actually wrote most of ‘Love You For A Long Time’ the day before I wrote ‘Light On.’” Those last days of finishing Heard It In A Past Life were such vivid and vital creative moments for me. I was dreaming up a future – for my music, for my life – and the possibilities felt endless. For various reasons, but mostly scheduling, the song was left unfinished and unrecorded, but it always stuck with me and I’ve found its melody weaving in and out of my brain for the last year and a half. Since then, a lot has changed in my life, but one of the biggest changes has been my relationship with my band. I’ve been playing with most of my band for about three years now and over the course of touring this record we’ve become real adopted family. As we set out on our biggest tour yet this fall, I wanted to bring new work to our stage and give this song I love so much an arrangement that showcased the deep personal and creative bonds I’ve formed with these special people in my life. So I wrote a bridge, finished the song, and recorded it in LA in August. I produced it with my trusted friend and collaborator Ricky Reed, with some arrangement help from the brilliant Nate Mercereau on bass and guitar. It’s a song about love in all its forms — romantic love, the love I feel for my friends, the love I feel for my band, and the love I’ve shared with all of you. I wanted it to sound like the last days of summer. I wanted it to sound as wild and alive as new love feels.”

Emily Lind (Doctor Sleep Film Star) Shares, “Castles” Via Forbes

Singer-songwriter and actress Emily Lind makes a statement with the release of her debut single, “Castles.” The single was premiered with Forbes, praising, “Spanning the spectrum from dark indie-pop to an almost alternative hip-hop sound, Lind’s inaugural outing as an artist is both intriguing and addictive.” “Castles,” produced with Jerry Powell (producer for A$AP Rocky, Kanye, Ho99o9) and KoOoLkOjAk (producer for Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Kesha) shows her prowess as a songwriter and performer.

Cayley Thomas – Make it Through the “Midnight Hours”

“Midnight Hours” is a song of compassion and forgiveness. It urges the listener to be befriend the more challenging parts of themselves.

Penny and Sparrow Announce 2020 Headline Tour

Today, Penny and Sparrow announced their first tour of 2020 alongside a live video for the song “Stockholm” from their new, critically-acclaimed album Finch. The tour will make stops in New York, Nashville, Chicago and more, with tickets on sale this Friday, November 22.

ROZES & Mat Kearney Want You To Break Down Your “Walls” – New Single Out Now

“‘Walls’ is about the emotional space between two people who seem to each stand stubborn in their views. It feels so current in today’s world, whether it’s romance, friendship, or family, sometimes we stand on the opposite side of those we love.” – ROZES

Molly Tuttle shares intimate new video

Having just finished a global tour (including sold-out shows in the UK) with dates supporting Jason Isbell, Old Crow Medicine Show, and Hiss Golden Messenger, as well as sharing the stage with Dolly Parton at Newport Folk Festival, Molly Tuttle has released an intimate new video for her song “Sleepwalking.” The noirish clip was written by Tuttle, directed by Dylan Reyes and filmed at the Dive Motel & Swim Club in Nashville, TN, with Lillie Mae and Ivalee on strings. Clash (link) magazine premiered the video earlier today.

New video! Jade Massentoff “Depression”

Singer/Songwriter Jade Massentoff’s song “Depression” is a song that tells the story of depression and suicide. After losing her brother to suicide, she wrote this song to help release the pain she felt while personally dealing with depression after already losing a loved one to suicide the year before.

blackbear Unveils “Hot Girl Bummer” Music Video

Multi-platinum selling singer, songwriter & producer blackbear has released a brand-new music video for his certified Gold track “hot girl bummer” via Beartrap/Alamo/Interscope Records – watch here. Directed by Adam Powell and filmed in London, the vivid video flashes through different scenes featuring psychedelic visuals and eccentric characters.

THY CATAFALQUE Release Stunning Music Video for New Song, ‘Embersólyom’

THY CATAFALQUE mastermind Tamás Kátai comments on the new track: “This is a cover song from Kaláka, an old Hungarian folk band who turned 50 this year. They have been one of my main inspiration since my childhood and this song is particularly close to me. We recorded the video in Bükk, North Hungary.”

Game Of Thrones Inspires New Single from Marco Dalla Villa – I Drink And I Know Things

First aired in 2011, it’s hard to believe many people on the planet have been able to avoid the whirlwind surrounding ‘Game of Thrones’, but Italian DJ Marco Dalla Villa was one of the few. The fantasy drama was an unlikely-hit across the globe, and caused a fan phenomenon with an average gross audience of 44.2 million across all platforms – so it’s with some irony the music producer had never watched a single episode when he wrote his single ‘I Drink and I Know Things’.

Jesper Lindell shares new single from his forthcoming “Everyday Dreams” LP out 11/29

Engineered by Zach Anderson, of the American/Swedish band Blues Pills, Jesper Lindell’s enticing debut album Everyday Dreams is a clever mixture of rock, folk, blues and soul, performed by a 26 year old musician in love with classic pop, Stax-Volt R&B, and that old time rock & roll.

Hailing from a small town near Stockholm in Sweden, and gifted with an amazing soulful voice, guitarist/pianist/songwriter Jesper delivers an intimate album that could have been recorded in the late sixties.


BEANS ON TOAST – Reveals ‘On & On’ climate-change Video

With politicians left, right and centre making half-hearted pledges on climate change policy of late, BEANS ON TOAST, instead cuts right to the chase with his latest single: ‘On & On’.

Taken from his upcoming rock’n’roll protest album ‘The Inevitable Train Wreck’, the track is both a comment on the imminent environmental catastrophe we face, but also a spurring anthem of optimism and hope dedicated to the people driving for real change now.

Los Angeles shoegaze trio Deserta (feat. Matthew Doty) announces debut LP ‘Black Aura My Sun’

Matthew Doty explains the context for the track: “‘Hide’ was the first Deserta song. I had just moved into a new studio in LA. The space provided some new energy and the foundation of the song came together in about a day. Having a proper studio and no longer recording in my house let me turn up the guitars and experiment with a voice I hadn’t used for singing in quite some time. Lyrically it’s loosely based on an X Files episode called “The Field Where I Died”
about past life regression.”

The 1975 Share The Video For “Frail State Of Mind”

twst Unveils New Track & Music VIdeo “Sad Girls Club But U Gotta Be Cute”

“Sad girls started off as a kinda sad boy parody and I was really intrigued by the whole concept of performative sadness online and the phenomenon of sadness as an aesthetic,” says twst. “It has a sense of self-awareness and irony though, so it’s kinda taking back the narrative. A lot of music has been straight white guys fetishizing sad girls. So it’s as much as me taking the piss and being ironic as it is me being honest and well…sad.”