TR/ST Shares “Iris” Video Directed By Muted Widows

TR/ST has shared the latest video, “Iris” off of The Destroyer – 2. The video was directed by Muted Widows, the collective made up of Michael Zumaya, Michael Linn and Nedda Afsari, who explain, “For ‘Iris,’ we really strived to create a sense of feeling and warmth – and not with a specific detail, but more leaning into the spirit of feeling. There’s a sense of loneliness and the energy that comes with loneliness, but it’s never negative. At times our characters are isolated and others, they’re enveloped within each other, and their emotional response doesn’t quite change. It’s about self reflection and understanding, and we’re incredibly thankful to have this paired with TR/ST’s stellar track.”

Last month, he released the second part of his highly anticipated double LP, The Destroyer – 2 on Grouch Via House Arrest. Singles from the second part of the double LP have seen praise from V Magazine, The FADER, Magnetic Mag, Cool Hunting, and much more.