Stephanie Angelini New Single ‘Coz Of You’

A gorgeous jazz fusion flows through Stephanie Angelini’s “Coz Of You”. Lush tones radiate through the easy-going rhythms. With a style that has a 70s Steely Dan cadence to it the entirety of the piece’s production shimmers. Melodically vibrant the way it twists and turns pays tribute to the impressive chops of her band. Instrumentally rich they have a beautiful, urbane quality where the lyricism has a poetry to it. From the stately piano work to the subtle percussion, it all evolves in its own patient persistent way. Her voice rests at the very center of it all, nicely navigating its way through so many unique twists.

S –

With a short introduction, the mood is set. The saxophone proves to be a particularly tender addition to the gorgeous sound. By the time her vocals enter into the mix the song starts off in earnest. Her voice rises above the rest in a way that reveals a tremendous spirit of confidence. Done with such care, her approach has a timelessness to it. Going for this classic sound recalls a little bit of Carole King’s affectionate delivery at the peak of her powers. About halfway through the piece the tone shifts, as it gains a little bit of optimism emerging. Nicely concluding the track Stephanie Angelini’s voice lets loose just a little bit more as it wafts into the air, leaving only the communal choir.

“Coz Of You” reveals Stephanie Angelini to be a true voice of radiant beauty, crafting a song of pure affection.