The Unbeatable Combo: A Strong Body and Sound Mind

Are you lopsided? That’s the word some health professionals use for people who pay too much attention to either mental or physical development. There are a lot of very good reasons to make sure your body and your mind both get the care they need. Daily trips to the gym can transform your physical capabilities, but what if you neglect a behavioral problem like depression or anxiety?

Likewise, if your mind is in good shape but you smoke, eat too much and spend long hours in the sun, then you face a different kind of dilemma. What’s the smartest way to avoid becoming lopsided? Here are some of the most effective strategies for building up the part of your life that needs the most help:

Walk 30 Minutes Every Day

Talk about simple! Part of the new social wave called de-cluttering, applies to your life as well as your home. Multiple research studies sing the praises of daily, 30-minute walks for optimal health. It adds to the overall benefit if you’re able to engage your upper body by swinging arms and slightly turning the torso as you move along the path. If you make walking a habit, you’ll notice other, more subtle changes in addition to a stronger, more vigorous body. Daily walks help calm the mind and improve mood, so it’s not just about physical fitness.

Stop Behavioral Problems Before They Start

There is still a stigma attached to seeking help for behavioral problems. Resources are abundant for those who want counseling. Experts say that mind-related challenges, just like physical illnesses, respond much better to treatment if they are discovered early. It can make a world of difference to get help at the first sign of depression, for example, rather than waiting weeks or months. Behavioral maladies get progressively worse with the passage of time, so seeking a solution as soon as you suspect something is a wise move.

Some people wonder about the next step after they realize they have high anxiety levels or unhealthy eating habits. If you live in a large urban area like New York or San Francisco, you have plenty of options. California residents in the Bay Area can simply schedule a visit with an Oakland therapist and get answers to questions about mental health. Just a half-hour session each week can be the most efficient way for stopping problems before they become overwhelming.

Avoid Sun, Tobacco and Processed Foods

Want a three-pronged battle plan for improved physical well-being? Stay out of the sun, don’t smoke anything, and cut way down on processed foods. People who do these three things can avoid getting skin cancer, lung cancer and colon cancer. Even if you don’t already smoke, there’s probably room for eating more whole foods like fruits, vegetables and lean, unprocessed meats.

Meditate Regularly

What to do before or after those daily bouts of walking? Meditation, of course. Many people in the know spend the first couple hours of every day meditating, walking, eating a healthy breakfast, showering and then going about their work day. Regular meditation sessions have been shown to improve blood pressure, brain health and mood.