Daily 5 Minute Plank Workout

Core training is important for strength and confidence building. The core exercises provide the basis for further exercises that you may be interested to add on to your work out regime later on. Weaknesses and negative changes may occur without a solid core routine in your work out sessions. So it is important to have a consistent, effective core routine is vital for your health and physical condition. Being said that planks forms one the best core workouts. Done in the right way under the guidance of a perfect trainer from the best gyms in dubai like Gymnation you will see the benefits that happen to your body. Here is the 5 min work out a plan that you can do at the gym near you or at home.

Straight Arm Plank

Start with your arm slightly broader than shoulder-width apart in a push-up position on the floor. Your hands are straight below the shoulders and your toes are tucked. Keep your core straight from head to toe and prevent your hips from slumping or dipping your head.

Reverse Plank

Sit on a mat in front of you. Sit on the legs. Place your palms slightly behind and outside your thighs, fingers extend broad. Push your hips and torso to the ceiling, press them into your palm tree.
Look down to the ground, point your toes and straight your arms and legs. Keep the entire body tightly from the head to the heels to create a right line. Strengthen your abdomen and try to pull out your spinal cord.

Forearm Side Plank

Lie on your right side on a long leg mat (right leg is put right on your left leg, feet are stacked). Place the right elbow on the forearm, and maintain the spine and head neutral directly under your shoulder. The floor will remain in touch with your right hip and knee. Keep this plate for 30 seconds and raise your hips and knees off the surface. Return to finish the set on the other side.

Pyramid Plank

Start with your forearms on a training mat in the plank position. Maintain a tight core and press hips up to the ceiling, stand on forearms and slowly press the heels up to the floor. Hold the position briefly, hold the lower hips down, push up the hand. Drive your body downwards into the position of the hips raised again towards the ceiling, keeping a tight core and a straight back. Adjust gradually to the forearm position.