Necklace – The Most Integral Part of Bridal’s Outfit

When you look at a bride, the first thing you notice is her face. Wedding is one of the most important days of her life and you can see it clearly on her face. Out of all the things that add to the glow on a bride’s face, the necklace is one of the top reasons.

Gold is considered auspicious for Indians. Not only do they buy gold on any auspicious occasion, but also adorn themselves in gold. Gold necklace designs are available in a platter of options for you to choose from. Go with a simple choker that accentuates your neck and a matching pair of bangles and earrings to go with it. You can also choose long and heavy rani haar, something which is pretty common for South Indian brides.

For heavy gold necklace designs, you can either go for temple jewellery, heritage jewellery, antique jewellery or gemstone studded jewellery. Temple jewellery is inspired by the temples in South India and includes motifs found in temples. Heritage jewellery is what’s been handed from generations before to the next one. Antique jewellery is any jewellery that comes with a darkish antique finish. Besides diamond, necklaces are also studded with precious and semi-precious gemstones. Sometimes, brides prefer a hint of colour in their wedding jewellery to spice things up a bit.

However, another trend that’s pretty prevalent in brides of today is layering necklaces. Starting with a tiny choker necklace followed with gold necklaces of varying length. Layering is a method to keep the overall weight of the jewellery light as compared to wearing a gold necklace up will waist length. Buying a couple of gold necklaces instead of a bold one also gives you a bunch of designs to choose from in case you want to wear something light but look dressed up, without any extra weight.

If you’re looking for budget gold necklaces, go for tushi necklace. They are made of wax and coated with gold. They look heavy and fancy without making a hole in your pocket. They are of Maharashtrian origin and looks as pretty and gorgeous as any gold necklace ever. The tushi necklaces complement the typical Maharashtrian nath gracefully.

Reception day is more about gowns and diamond necklaces. A long gown with a thin line of diamonds and matching earrings… a perfect dress for the day. You can also add a trail o fYou can also choose to wear an elaborate design as a statement piece with your dress if you have a thing for gold. Besides, a little bit of gold in your diamond necklace gives it a very ethnic vibe and goes readily with a lot of Indian wear.

When it comes to a necklace, it’s not just a wedding accessory that woman can adorn themselves. Dainty necklaces are quite the fancy jewellery that you can style with both your work as well as casual wear. It adds a light feminine touch to one’s outfit which makes the wearer stand out gracefully.