A Complete Guide on the Egg Donation Process

Egg donation requires serious and in-depth research because of the many processes that come with it. Whether you’re planning to look for help in conception or want to donate your eggs to an interesting couple, learning about it is crucial. So read on, as I did the research to help you out and give you all the vital information you need on egg donation!

I’ll be showing you the complete guide on the egg donation process to learn more about how it works. Through learning about its history and process, you’ll learn if this is a good process for you to try.

A Complete Guide on the Egg Donation Process

Before anything else, what is egg donation in the first place? This is actually also known as third-party fertility or ovum donation, a major part of ART (assisted reproductive technology). It’s a huge help for women who cannot produce or use their own eggs for conception.

This process involved fertile women donating their eggs or oocytes. These healthy eggs are removed from the donor during various procedures. The eggs are then fertilized in the laboratory and placed into the uterus of the parent or surrogate.

The Egg Donation Process For Donors

For those who want to donate their eggs to a couple who needs it, here are the details to learn.


There’s an intense selection process when you become an egg donor. Before you go into the actual procedure, you have to be an eligible candidate. There are two major criteria when becoming a candidate, which is the egg health and any risks of anomalies.

A good candidate for egg donation are women aged 21-35 years old. This is because they have more and higher-quality eggs, responding to fertility drugs better. Furthermore, you should be in good health without any infections or illnesses.


Besides being a good candidate, you have to go through screening processes in your local fertility clinic. There are standards set by the FDA, and this is what you should follow:

Apply to become an egg donor online or in-person

Become interviewed

Take a physical exam, blood and drug tests to know about your health and eligibility

Have an ultrasound to learn about your reproductive health

Be screened for infections or inherited diseases

You’ll need to provide a detailed medical history about your family and undergo psychological screening as well.

Medications Required

If you’re now considered as a donor, then you’ll begin the process with various medications to change the menstrual cycle. This syncs the cycle with the other patient, with only minor side effects.

After your cycles synchronize, you’ll take fertility drugs to hyper-stimulate your ovaries. These medications are injected to your skin, directly into the muscles. During this time, you’ll be taking blood tests and ultrasounds to make sure you’re responding well to all the medication and to protect your health.

Extraction Process

Before the actual procedure, you’ll be going through one more injection to prepare the body for retrieval. Afterward, you’ll go through a transvaginal ovarian aspiration, which only takes half an hour. An ultrasound probe is inserted to the vagina and separates your eggs. During the process, you may be offered painkillers, sedatives, or anesthesia.


Once you’re done with the procedure, you may need to stay in the clinic for about 24 hours to recover. Some women need a few days before they can leave the clinic, depending on how your body responded to the retrieval process.

The Egg Donation Process For Intended Parents

Some women may need another woman’s eggs for various reasons. It might be difficulty in conception from eggs due to age or health reasons. Others may have a condition that causes poor egg or reproductive health.

However, it’s not just women looking for egg donors, but same-sex couples or single men. Whatever the reason may be in needing eggs, here’s the process for interested parents.


During the first consultation, you’ll be talking about why you need egg donation and if it’s suitable for you. You’ll also discuss your emotional wellbeing, the different treatment options and learn more about the procedure in detail. That way, you can learn more about the process, how it works, and any other questions you have.


Once you have decided in egg donation and the treatment options you’ll undergo, you’ll need to prepare for the process. Similar to egg donors, you’ll have to go through a physical examination and medical evaluation. This will show if you are eligible to conceive donated eggs and identify any health issues that may hinder the process.

Choose Your Donor

Once you’re eligible, it’s time to select the suitable egg donor, viewing various profiles that show the following information:


Basic background

Family and medical history

Some profiles have photos included, which has you learn more about the egg donor. It also gives you a bit of an idea on what your child will look like!

Legal Agreements

Once you’ve chosen your egg donor, you will both have to set a meeting. You’ll get to know the egg donor a bit more, then sign the legal agreements. All these agreements are signed before the actual procedure begins, ensuring that you’re the legal parent of the child.

Medication and Extraction Process

You’ll take medications to sync your menstrual cycle with the egg donor, and other medications to prepare your uterine lining.

When the cycles are synced and both your bodies are ready for extraction and implantation, the process will begin. Once the donor’s eggs are extracted, they’ll be placed on a petri dish and fertilized before implantation.

On the fifth day, it will be transferred to the uterus and you’ll have to wait before learning if it was successful.

Wrapping It Up

I hope that this complete guide on the egg donation process helped you out! So if you think that this process is for you, search for the right fertility clinic to begin the processing now. You can learn more about donor egg IVF to see if it’s the right procedure for you here, too.

If you have any questions or want to share more about egg donation, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.