Ryan Wiik on “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor!”

The controversed entrepreneur who refused producer Harvey Weinstein, says that “beyond fear looms success!”

Creating new and valuable possibilities – that’s the skill of an entrepreneur! And when it comes to the intricate web of the entertainment world, it takes more than that – but a ton of work hours, diligence and passion.

The tall, lean Ryan Wiik – James Dean like combed hair, Hollywood all over in his complexion and composure – talks about all this in a seemingly relaxed and passionate way.

“The industry needs improvement. As it has to offer more. You cannot do it without a business venture. And then, you take the high road!”

He traveled a lot. Met people from all over the world – different cultures, striking backgrounds. Got fascinated by them and learned from them.

“Patience was maybe, the hardest thing to learn!”, said Wiik.

You cannot do it without people – the business. It’s all about them. People relate. And you gotta learn to do that, as to be a skillful and successful business man. Of course patience is hard to learn, but meeting people like Wiik did, you do it. Over and over again. You adapt. Also, you learn dedication and loyalty – that’s what people truly respond to!

“You have to be in, all the way! There is no workaround that.”

But when you work and travel mostly alone, not telling anybody what you do, people tend to get you wrong. They think you’re a fake, just a façade. They sometimes revel on the thought you’re living large on their dime.

And they strike, in full force, with a vengeance!

“I invested more than 30,000 hours of hard work in rising the company, from the ground up. I was alone, focused, passionate. And had my edge, working and traveling like that! So, they did get the wrong picture…”

Wiik was accused he was living a frivolous lifestyle in the Hollywood hills. Social media boomed that he had used $18 million shares of stock, as collateral. And tabloids were in a frenzy!

“Fact – I was cleared of any wrongdoing. In several independent audits, before and after the public listing”, Wiik confirmed.

Keeping the flame alive – is what many people need to learn. It’s what entrepreneur does, if driven by passion. And work doesn’t seem a burden anymore. 16 hours straight, without complaining. But harsh times come to all of us. And then, you need courage!

“I kept my vision alive. And my focus. So, I learned to take risks. That’s how I said “No” to the fearceful producer Harvey Weinstein. I felt the fear, rising inside of me. But decided to overcome it. It’s natural, a primal instinct. But beyond it, looms success!”

So, there is diligence, loyalty, managing your PR, passion and courage – and you get to be an skillful entrepreneur. But do remember, as Franklin D. Roosevelt said: “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor!”