How to Store Musical Instruments for Long Periods of Time

Many musicians end up needing to store musical instruments at some point in their careers. The problem, though, is that being stored in the wrong condition can damage your instruments or even ruin them permanently. Heres what you need to know to safely store your musical instruments for long periods of time.

Make Sure Theyre in a Good Case

One of the most important things to do when youre preparing to store your instruments is to make sure that they are all in good, sturdy cases. While soft cases offer some protection, hard-shelled cases are always best. Instrument cases are worthwhile investments, so dont be afraid to spend a little extra money on good ones. A good case will also keep dust off of your instruments, which will make cleaning them for future use easier when you do get them out of storage.

Consider Climate

Most instruments, particularly those with wooden parts, are sensitive to temperature and humidity conditions. For this reason, its important to store them in places that are neither too hot nor too dry. If youre going to be placing your instruments in a storage facility outside of your home, be sure to use one of many climate controlled storage units that will provide a good environment for them.

Make Sure They Wont Be Moved by Anyone Else

Though a friends basement can be a tempting storage space, its not optimal for musical instruments. Using another persons storage space makes it very likely that that person may need to move your instruments around at some point. If they dont know how to handle instruments properly, theres a reasonable chance for unintentional damage to be done. Its always best to choose a storage space that only you have access to.

Prepare Them Properly

Before instruments go into storage, there are some preparatory steps that will need to be taken. Stringed instruments should have their strings loosened to prevent them from degrading in storage, while woodwinds will need to have their reeds removed to prevent them from becoming moldy in storage. All instruments should be carefully cleaned so that they are in good shape before they are stored.

By following these four simple tips, you can make sure that your instruments will come out of long-term storage in good condition. If you are a musician preparing to store your instruments for a period of several months, these suggestions will get you started in the right way.