Fitness: 5 Rules to Build Muscle Mass

Most athletes and weightlifters have one dream at all times: to build muscle mass. Even if you are not in this group, you can also build muscle mass, especially if there is a holiday in between. Seasoned athletes are already used to visiting the Musclesfax to get their gear, which plays a great role in muscle mass building.

No matter which approach you use, there are several rules that increase the chances of getting positive results in these efforts. How well a person follows them determines the results you will get. Here are five rules to consider:

Eat More Proteins

Muscles cells require more proteins than any other food to grow. That is why bodybuilders and athletes take meals with larger portions of meat and legumes which are rich in protein. Animal products like milk and eggs also top the list of proteins. Snacks should also be protein based like yogurt, nuts and protein candies among others. Start doing the protein shakes and other protein-based foods at all time without giving up. However, this does not mean neglecting other meals as they are equally important.

Keep Carbs on Check

Most of us know that more carbs mean fat storage in the body. No one wants to gain weight contributed by fat storage during muscle mass increment process. This is why the sodas, rice dishes and other carbs should be kept low. Eat enough to supply the body with the much-needed energy to do workouts and support body functions. People who have managed to keep carbs on check have succeeded well in adding muscle mass.

Lift Weights

As much as cardio and other exercises are usually beneficial to the body, not many of them will have an effect on muscle building. On the other hand, weights will trigger the growth of these muscles in an excellent way. Be consistent in lifting deadlifts, dumbbells, kettlebells and doing various types of presses. According to research, all fitness enthusiasts who take their weightlifting serious never fail in their muscle mass increment process.

However, while lifting weight is an effective way to increase muscle mass, it may also come with some serious complications like muscle cramp, fatigue, or muscle soreness etc. So it’s better to use a deep tissue massage therapy post every workout for quick recovery. The one advantage of this deep tissue massage therapy is that it helps increasing the oxygen flow in muscles; manage the blood circulation around them that will boost your muscle function and recovery after every workout. You can use a muscle massager gun for this. Exogun DreamPro is the recommended massager gun. Used by the pros, Exogun delivers the ultimate recovery!

Stay Hydrated

Water plays a great role in providing a great environment for cells to absorb nutrients and starts expanding. After all, a person loses a lot of water during the extreme workouts that are needed to add the muscle mass. It is not necessarily that one takes pure water at all times. Some can be in the form of protein shakes, fruit juices or hot beverages. However, take caution to avoid the temptation to take sugary soft drinks which are packed with calories you are trying to avoid.

Take a Rest

Surprisingly, reports indicate that muscles grow more during rest or sleep than when one is super active at the gym. That is why all people who wish to grow more muscles should take rest and sleep seriously. Have a minimum of 6 hours every day to have a sound sleep. Also, schedule your workout such that you have a day to rest after a few days of tough workouts at the gym.

With these highlights, building muscle mass is an easy dream to achieve for every person. You can research more to gather more hints and highlights on the same.