Symphonic power metal stars TRAGUL presents new single ‘MY LAST WORDS’

My last words”, is a song full of strength and character, that embraces the feeling of farewell. On this track, TRAGUL demonstrates their ability to deliver a great song that will inevitably connect with everyone. Bathed with very melodic arrangements, dramatic lyrics and of course a worthy dose of metal, this song will hit the hearts of those who recently lost a friendship or a loved one.

“My Last Words” is relatively more intense than the previous single “Before I say Goodbye”. It starts with a fantastic theatrical church piano intro before launching into a catchy melodic guitar line, accompanied with arrangements of orchestration of the keyboards in the background, which provides an uplifting element creating a sense of drama. On this song TRAGUL set the perfect balance between an operatic voice on the powerful choruses while at the same time being able to capably front soft sweet vocals on the verses. On this track, the music itself is strong in its own and after an energetic ride along the song, there’s an enjoyable guitar solo before the chorus takes this emotive song to the close.