Astronomique – ‘Sharp Divided’

Can music have the potential to make the mind float in the stars?

Can music alone provoke a mind to experience a long odyssey between sound, resonance, and sonic waves, to find the true elements of a fine melody?

Well, if you listen to Astronomique’s latest music album, “Sharp Divide”, you will definitely lose your control over your mind and get lost in the sound, vibes, melody, the general splendor the album creates. Like the name, Astronomique creates a celestial vibe through the sound and mood of their songs in this album. This music collection is a dark-romantic and 80s’ post-punk act that the crew of Astronomique has created with their skillful music-craftsmanship. It is the wave of tremendous energy and the intense vibe, running through the songs of ‘Sharp Divide’, arouse all the senses and provoking the mind of the listener to experience a journey from this world to another unknown land, dominated by the power of music and sound.

In ‘Sharp Divide’, the indie-rock band, Astronomique, has tried to create an infectious sound with the mind-blowing dance beats, electrifying yet silky guitar notes, psychotropic waves of synth, compelling and mesmeric vocal. ‘Sharp Divide’ is a collection of infectious and psychedelic ten soundtracks that will play for 36 minutes kindling the mind and soul with the sparks of fantastic dreamy pop. The sound and melody resonate a bold feeling among the audience that as if they are in the middle of a house party. The titles of these ten soundtracks are no surprise, but what they envelop is the most awe-inspiring, leaving the audience with their jaw-opened.

Besides composing a spell-binding melody, Astronomique has shown their talent for weaving hypnotic and beautiful lyrics about the human life and its exploration of love, peeling off layers after layers. Although Astronomique has chosen love, romanticism, and the journey of life as the theme of ‘Sharp Divide’, they have selected a wonderful backdrop to set the theme. And it is the proportioned mixture of the 60s’ freaky hallucinogenic vibes with a slight twist of the 80s’ romantic songs. The lyrical potion holds no such complications that the audience cannot interpret. The lyrics of these ten songs, in fact, conveys the raw and intimate passion of human heart in a polished manner, that anyone can relate to.

Among all the soundtracks, Astronomique released ”Losing Our Control”, first, probably to provide the audience a hint, what they are going to serve in the platter of ‘Sharp Divide’. With a unique sound and texture, the song evokes the 60s’ vibe, keeping the contemporary mood intact. The song plays out with subtlety with a deeply-buried intense emotion within it. The charming vocal, decent yet persuading sound and melody, proportionately used instrumental, the captivating lyrics, etc., altogether make the soundtrack a compelling one.

Astronomique knows the secret recipe of how to make their song enthralling and swaying at once, sweeping the feet of their audience. ‘Sharp Divide’ is bringing forth the combination of emotional and sentimental rawness and human experience in dealing with this raw feeling, but encapsulated in the music craftsmanship and melodic excellence of Astronomique.

9.5/10 Stars

– Leslie Smith