Bongo Boy TV Season 7 Episode 6 – Young Victorious

Romy Conzen’s “V for Victory” goes for a swaggering classic rock style. Featuring a shapr edge to the guitar riffs, the whole thing is propelled forward with an incredible intensity. By far the highlight comes from Romy Conzen’s incredible vocals that are delivered with a fiery passion.

“Eat It Too (Cake)” shows off Rossemberg Maza’s playful, summery style. From the infectious grooves to the wild synthesizer lines, everything comes together into a stream of consciousness approach. Quite flirtatious the whole piece feels uniquely balanced between R&B, dubstep, and dance in a gorgeous way.

A noir sort of chamber pop emerges on the Sophia Simmons’ baroque stylings of “Black Mirror”. Subtle nuances add to the power of the piece, with every gesture being given great weight. Piano, guitar, and synthesizer merge into a unified consistent whole.

Nostalgia defines the Suburbs’ introspective “When We Were Young”. Delving into a potent indie rock sound, the song rushes through in a beautiful blurred rush. Vocals opt for a tragic quality that helps bring everything together.

Lovely folk musings emerge from Deborah Henriksson’s lush “Whisper”. Small details go a long way for Deborah Henriksson’s voice possessing such a reassuring aura. Multiple layers come together into a soothing whole.

60s pop pours out of Susan SurfTone’s tender “Out Of My Dreams”. Nearly psychedelic in its approach, there is a bright and airy style that comes to define it. Guitars go for a garage rock flavor, for the whole piece has a timeless quality to it.

Sly grooves work wonders on Joey Evans’ “Hail Will Fall”. A mid 80s nature helps to frame the entirety of the piece for Joey Evans chooses a minimal approach. Lyrics have a poetry to them while the piece unfurls with such patience.

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By Beach Sloth