Sarantos – ‘No One’s Perfect Until’

Exploring the ultimate concepts of building a true real relationship, Sarantos offers a thoughtful take on importance of cherishing love with “No One’s Perfect Until”. Lyrics describe how true, compassionate partners will always make the time for those who mean everything, making sure that they give attention when it is ultimately needed. By opting for this take, Sarantos allows for a degree of vulnerability to seep into the tapestry of sound. The multi-faceted, multi-layered approach adds to the overall heft of the message.

A gentle introduction opens the track on a soothing note. The tactile quality works wonders, lending the song a dreamy hue to it. Swirling about with such attention to detail, the way the piece unfurls allows it to gain a tremendous sense of power. When the song comes into full bloom the crescendo feels particularly earned. Quite gorgeous, the sweeping symphony adds to the overall importance of the message. Much of the lyricism deals with how love can truly allow a person to discover themselves, to feel truly cared for, and to care for others as well. By opting for this take the entirety of the work is imbued with a shimmering sense of true consideration for others. Sarantos allows every detail to shine through, giving the whole piece a living, breathing sort of quality.

Done with the greatest of skill and care, Sarantos sings a song that belongs to everyone on the highly articulate, intelligent take on relationships with “No One’s Perfect Until”.

By Beach Sloth