Marley Waters – ‘Wine Pon It’

Marley Waters knows how to get the party started with the wild free-spirited style of “Wine Pon It”. Allowing for multiple layers of sound to intermingle in such a fantastic way means the whole song feels all-encompassing. By opting for such a loose freeform quality, the piece has a timeless youthfulness to it. Over the course of the track the way the vocals swim through with such a tremendous joy to them. Everything about the track feels so natural, so soothing in a way. Layer upon layer of lush sound comes into the mix, ranging from pop to dub to R&B to electro done in the best way possible.

Glistening keys come into the mix. The groove gradually starts to evolve as the energy comes to a peak. Upon the beat starting to hit the whole piece feels so freeing in a way. Bass rumbles help guide the song along with the utmost of care. Vocals nicely bring all of it together in a way of pure grandeur for Marley Waters’ voice possesses an incredible range to it. With this tremendous rush of colors that flow into it the whole track feels bright and beautiful. Melodically rich, the approach helps to further emphasize the carefree live for the moment sort of spirit. For the final stretch it all sort of drifts into a gorgeous haze.

Stylish and positively timeless, Marley Waters delves into a late-night atmosphere with the yearning of “Wine Pon It”.

By Beach Sloth