Mike Patton collaborator Kaada shares absorbing new track “Home In the Dark”

Diverse and prolific Norwegian composer and multi-instrumentalist Kaada (aka John Erik Kaada, pronounced CODA) has a career spans a string of critically acclaimed solo albums, major motion picture scores, high-profile collaborations with key players such as Mike Patton (Fantômas, Faith No More, Mr. Bungle), as well as numerous live appearances at home and abroad.

Moogfest 2018 Full Schedule

Today, Moogfest unveils the full schedule for its 2018 festival, including artist-led workshops and conversations, film screenings, the addition of IBM Watson Creative Director Jennifer Sukis to its keynote program, and the premiere of a traveling exhibit from artist Ralph Steadman featuring many never-before-seen works.

Keynote speaker Jennifer Sukis’s journey as a visual creative has progressed from branding to interfaces, and then apps to A.I. So, too, has her vision for how advancements in computing technology can solve long-standing problems in user design and experience. Her keynote will touch on how A.I. will influence human shifts into new creative frontiers and how we’re already tapping into the limitless creative applications waiting therein for mass usage.

Alice Phoebe Lou and Olmo Release “Fiery, Visceral” New Video

Alice Phoebe Lou has released the new video, “Devil’s Sweetheart,” a collaboration with fellow Berlin-based musician, Olmo, who co-produced the track with Acid Pauli. Alice and Olmo met while busking on the streets, and crafted the song in less than an hour. They’ve continued to perform the song whenever their paths have crossed, including at this year’s SXSW, where Alice was highlighted as one of NPR’s All Songs Considered artists to watch. The video for “Devil’s Sweetheart” features performances by Valia Beauvieux & Dennis Macaofrom the Berlin based circus crew, Birdmilk Collective.

BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Berlin Songstress Alice Phoebe Lou’s Stunning Video for ‘Devil’s Sweetheart’


Matoma’s latest track ‘Lonely’ (featuring ‘Lights Down Low’ hitmaker MAX) is continuing to build, with 5 million streams already accumulated in just four weeks. The track’s profile is now stepping up a gear with the unveiling of its new official video.

The Nightowls – “All The Good Things You Are”

Frontman Ryan Harkrider explains, “Most of the songs we wrote and recorded for the album all debuted on the road and at shows throughout 2017. However, All the good Things You Are turned out to be the odd ball on the album and the only song that was created exclusively in the studio. It allowed us to try some things we normally wouldn’t be able to live e.g. the string arrangement. It’s a fun little pop song: bouncy rhythm section, tight vocal harmonies, and a lush string arrangement that ties everything together. The song is about hanging on to to the people in your life that teach you how to be a better person yourself.”

R&B Sensation Albanus Thierry Wants the “Best of You”

R&B singer-songwriter and Nashville native, Albanus Thierry, is making a splash with the release of his hypnotic new single, “Best of You.” Coupled with an equally engaging music video, Thierry showcases his knack for crafting catchy melodies, and shows of his Michael Jackon-esque moves. Taking visual inspiration from experimental artists like Jean Michael Basquiat, Thierry says he loves how visual art encourages “risk-taking.”

PREMIERE: Albanus Thierry Wants The “Best of You”

Noisey premiered Foie Gras’ video for “Red Moon”

“The songwriter Foie Gras has long made stretched out, gnarled songs that exist somewhere at the tortured borders between drone, noise, doom metal, and shoegaze. The music she makes is almost invariably slow, loud, and sad, but it’s multidimensional too; she once made the distinction that a song wasn’t about pain, but, borrowing a turn of phrase from a French dominatrix, said it was “about how to suffer beautifully, like Saint Sebastian.” This is to say not that that song wasn’t heavy too, but that the pitch-blackness hides unseen depths. Her music isn’t a reflection of something so simple as sadness, but a dark prism that refracts those feelings, showing the ways that joy and beauty are intertwined with them.” – Noisey/Colin Joyce