Forest Robots – “Super Moon Moonlight Part One”

The musical stunts on electronic music and sound immediately take the mind of the listener to the world of outdated gadgetry. What’s new in electronic music? Words cannot be the answer to this question, but a bunch of songs in the “Super Moon Moonlight Part One” album.

It is Forest Robots, who has tried to reach electronic music to another distinctive level through his debut, “Super Moon Moonlight Part One”. Forest robots has cooked orchestral rush, synthesized instrumentation, with an electronic texture and hippety-hop dance beats, to come up with the perfect recipe to make his “Super Moon Moonlight Part One” a heart-winning album.

This album consists of ten soundtracks. In every soundtrack, the instrumental electronic music gets intertwined with digital drums, synthesizers, to create musical impressions of the world around us with the beautiful, creative, unique, and thoughtful soundscape.

This album shows how a single message can be so powerful to build up a connection beyond the end of the line with a vibrating and resonating effect. “Super Moon Moonlight Part One” opens with a letter to Fran Dominguez’s (Forest Robots) daughter but proceeds as a global message of caring, intending to reach to the new level of a crowd worldwide.

In “Super Moon Moonlight Part One”, Fran Dominguez has not used unnecessary musical zigzag or ups and downs. Not a single soundtrack reveals his haste to finish it. In fact, nearly all the songs evoke a smooth and easy-going musical description of the surrounding nature, at a comparatively slow pace. Fran’s selection of instruments and control of their sounds and effects along with the layering is worthy of appreciation and exactly what has made his debut a listening-delight.

The delicacy and subtlety of Forest Robots’ rhythmic sense is clearly evident right from the beginning track, “A Path Among The Woods”. The title of the song clearly shows what Fran is trying to tell to his audience. “Times When I Know You Watch The Sky I” is an astounding musical composition of Forest robots, where the slow-moving, melodious lines are dragged out from the deep core of imagination, imploring the mind to make a retreat with the mental landscape with delicacy.

While nearly all the songs of this album are a kind of celebration of the majestic grandeur of natural beauty, ”Shapes Shift in The Distant Shadows”, evokes the dark nooks and corners of the outside world through vibrant and endless beats. The piano-driven sound gets mixed with chorus and instrumental textures in “Last Silvers of Moon”.Silhouettes Follow The Echoes” reveal an optimistic, modest, and the warmth of musical and sound integrity.

The “The Spider Turned Into a Cloud” comes with a melodic expression that creates a mystical atmosphere; the audience’s mind gets anchored in the celestial microcosm zone of Forest Robots’ creation. The rhythmic tone of “Mandelbrots In Winter”, the post-rock mood of “While Birds Dream of Dawn and Wind” will set the mind to immediate synthetic dizziness.

Wishful imagination, gentle moods, distinct, and unique rhythm, all these elements have transformed “Super Moon Moonlight Part One” to a musical conversation, that strikes the main chords of the listener’s mind and heart.

9.5/10 Stars

– Emma Jones