Christian Heath – EP “One”

Christian Heath’s “One” becomes an inspirational force, one that embraces life to the fullest. Best felt as much as heard, Christian Heath creates powerful pieces with stories that resonate long after they are over. The full-bodied, cinematic flair of these tracks imbues them with a tremendous energy. By opting for such a style, the way these songs work in unison to create an entire world feels quite joyous. Stylistically, Christian Heath opts for a symphonic sound, one that blends together classical, electro, folk, rock, all cleverly framed within a poppy context. Easily the heart of the collection comes from Christian Heath’s soulful vocals which tie it all together.

“I’m Yours” sets the tone for the collection, featuring expansive guitar work and a spacious quality. Gradually Christian Heath colors this in with a nearly physical beat as the entire track bursts into glorious color. The gritty industrial flavors of “One (A World Song)” nicely meshes with fantastic fanfare and a spirited choir. With “Tonight” Christian Heath goes for a passionate, fiery take, with a song of pure tenderness. A fantastic rush comes from “No Good For You”. Choosing a more intimate take is the lovely realm of “Paradise” where Christian Heath strips things down to the essentials. Perfectly closing the collection on a high note is the sly funk grooves of “Magic”.

On “One” Christian Heath delves into something that feels so life affirming, possessing thoughtful lyricism that radiate with such hope.