Sergey Bezhinets fronts “UFO Artist” Ahuna Mons, named for a mountain on the dwarf planet of Ceres. His compositions expand the way people listen to music.

Mount Ahuna, Ahuna Mons for those who speak English, is a mountain that is located on the dwarf planet of Ceres. So far, nothing special, except that it differs from the rest of the surface, which is completely flat. You will understand why the artist decided to choose this very astronomical name. More than that, Ahuna Mons has built all his music on this very stellar concept that will push you to consider music differently. The sounds, the arrangements, the realization…everything is done to immerse you in a dimension other than that of our galaxy. In fact, it fits very easily, no need for a decoder or multidimensional portal.

We will not try to define the music of Ahuna Mons because, as we like to say, at a time when genres come together, merge, intertwine, it is impossible to lock the artists in a box for journalistic needs. Even more so, when you suddenly discover “UFO artists” like Ahuna Mons.

Thanks to a very rich project called “People Like People,” you walk with ease in dark, mysterious, mystical, timeless worlds. Sergey Bezhinets – who writes the compositions, the production, the mixing and the publication of all the pieces on the Canvas – makes a no-fault and puts the level very high. The fans of experimental music that we are, can only appreciate such a surge of talent that we invite you to discover. A piece like “Evolution” that you can discover below, takes you into a very sensory cinematic universe that must be pointed out.

Without further ado, we advise you to get the project from the artist on Spotify.