Top 5 Benefits of CBD Oil for Cancer Patients

We know how important CBD oil is for all kinds of patients, but it’s finally getting the recognition that it deserves when it comes to helping cancer patients during their treatment. Studies are finding that cannabis oil cancer treatment may be effective as it stems the tide of cancer cells and may lead to their eventual death. However, it serves many other purposes for cancer patients, too.

What is cbd hemp oil?

CBD hemp oil is an extract from the cannabis (or hemp) plant. It is then added to a carrier oil for use by the public. It is legal across the United States, though there are still a few holdouts that require a prescription for its use. It is popular because it is so easy to use. How many drops of cbd oil is right? It really does depend on each person and what they are using it to treat – generally speaking, the recommended dose is a drop or two every hour. Of course, this only makes sense when you’re dropping it under your tongue. If you find yourself needing more you may want to consider the concentration of the specific oil you are using – you may need to choose a stronger one.

Hemp oil benefits

Digestion & Nausea

Something that plagues most cancer patients during chemotherapy is nausea, a lack of appetite, and digestive issues. Thankfully, studies from Canada’s University of Guelph, have found that CBD oil reduces nausea. In fact, its effect is so powerful that in the study it only took a drop or three a day to get relief. You can experiment with dosages to find the right one.

Pain Relief

One of the reasons CBD oil has become so popular is because of its ability to relieve pain. It reduces inflammation, thus removing the source of the pain. So, you can use CBD oil to kill that pain or even use a topical cream to rub directly on the affected area. It’s a great tool to use as a massage aid to rub in.


Around 50% of all cancer patients also receive radiation therapy. Beams are directed to specific points where cancer cells are, and this can lead to painful burns being left behind. CBD creams are an excellent solution to relieve the pain from these burns.


We have heard a lot about how effective CBD oil is in treating anxiety, and cancer patients often experience bouts of anxiety. It could be from the initial diagnosis or related to the stressful appointments and courses of treatment they must go through. Regardless of where the anxiety has come from, what we know is that CBD oil is capable of reducing the anxiety that cancer patients experience.


A diagnosis of cancer is stressful, it brings anxiety, anger, uncertainty, and that’s just from hearing those three little words. Once treatment begins there are a whole host of side effects that come – so, it’s only natural that cancer patients experience an upset in their sleeping patterns. This is where CBD oil can help – not only is it calming for both your mind and your body, it eases anxiety, and it relieves stress, and helps your body maintain its natural homeostasis. This means that cancer patients can get a better night’s sleep, instead of spending every night tossing and turning.

Where to buy hemp oil

You can buy hemp oil online just ensure you always use reputable dealers. Who provide you with the lab results showing that they’re being honest about the strength of their products.