Exotik Robotz – ‘Tears in the Rain’

Exotik Robotz explores a moody chamber pop on the beautiful “Tears in the Rain”. Stylistically Exotik Robotz incorporates elements of the blues, rock, electronica all nicely framed with a perfectly executed balladry. Easily the soul of the song comes from their powerful, highly articulate and lovelorn lyricism which neatly ties everything together. At times the theatrically charged style feels reminiscent of Belle & Sebastian’s early pieces. Incredible in its soothing reassuring presence the track builds up in a majestic, almost soaring sort of fashion. The attention to detail works to its favor, from the light touch of the percussion to the tenderness of the piano gracefully wafting through the entire composition.

A lonely guitar introduces the piece. From there a synthesizer comes into nicely merging with the graceful guitar gestures. Upon the vocals coming into the mix everything truly begins in earnest. Quite intimate at first the piece has a reflective tone. His voice stands alone for a moment, right before her vocals add to the warmth of the work. Once the rhythm starts the piece starts to increase in energy. Coming into focus with such fervor the way the piece incorporates an ever-growing amount of color gives it a wonderful aura. Swirling about the song transforms from a sadness to a triumph of sorts, one that looks forward to a greater togetherness.


“Tears in the Rain” goes for a beautiful portrait of a relationship, one that shows off the impressive storytelling of Exotik Robotz.