Sarantos – ‘Sweet As Sugar’

Soulful to its core, Sarantos delves into the ups and downs of relationships with the powerful “Sweet As Sugar”. Everything about the track emphasizes the importance of truly building a relationship. Lyrics focus upon the strength that a relationship can bring, the problems that two people together can solve versus a single entity. By opting for this strategy, the track retains a great deal of honestly as it explores exactly what can happen between two people. Instrumentally rich, Sarantos incorporates a wide variety of stylistic twists and turns, from funk to classic rock with everything in between. Such an approach allows a great deal of color to come into the proceedings, further giving it a psychedelic sheen.

The song starts right up almost instantly. Sarantos sings alongside the graceful guitar work, which has a certain edge to it. Upon the rhythm starting up the piece gains a cinematic flair to it. Over the course of the track Sarantos delves into the power that having someone there for support for the good times and the bad. Lyrics further craft a view of the world of needing another special someone to traverse such vast distances throughout a life. By taking on such a tact the piece becomes soothing and warm as it washes over the listener. For the final stretch the story arc takes on the importance of love, of how love can conquer all.

With “Sweet As Sugar” Sarantos creates a timeless classic, one of those love ballads whose message never fades.