Joe Jermano Amazes The Audience With ‘Dreaming In Color’

Listen and enjoy to the marvelous creation of Joe Jermano and start Dreaming in Colors.

Nothing brings more joy and excitement to a musician or singer than his audience is enjoying his song, and making out the real meaning of it. On the other side, the audience and music-enthusiasts like the kind of music and lyrics, that has an interpretable meaning. Something like this happens with the songs of Joe Jermano and his audience. Joe Jermano, a talented songwriter, musician, knows the exact recipe how to pour melody in his lyrics. He knows how to create a mystical and enchanting story with his wishful imaginative power and an intense flow of melody. Most of his songs revolve around the theme of love and loss. And his fourth music album, ‘Dreaming in Colors’ is no exception to that.

Through this music album, Joe Jermano has introduced a funky tone, blending the classic rock with the synthesizer. But, its title song, ‘Dreaming in Colors’, still holds the pure Rock energy. The opening salvo of the album is powerful enough to grab your attention and bring you into Joe’s kingdom of colorful dreaming. ‘Reaching for Clouds’, another song of the same album is like a cool wave, greeting the audience to enter into the fun and outgoing tone of the title track, taking them to another fringe of rock and roll. And once you understand what Joe tries to express through his song, you have nothing to do but hold your ears and mind together, relax and let the melody wash you.

It is the skillful balancing between the hard rock, jazz, and the occasional Blues infusion, creates the signature tone of ‘Dreaming in Colors’.The title of the song may seem like a reflection of hippy attitude, randomly running through the creative perspective of Joe, don’t mistake with the words, ‘dreams’ and ‘clouds’. Don’t take the wrong turn; if you do so, then you will fail to dig out the actual meaning of the song, what Joe is trying to express to the audience. All he wants us to explore the subliminal realm of dreams. The song conveys that Joe Jermano has many other things to talk about than only just cars and girls, through his rock and roll music.

Rather than just being a modernized track, ‘Dreaming in Colors’, shocks as well as knocks our subconscious mind, glistening it with the shimmers of blended rock melody. The bewitching melody along with a wonderful story of this song helps us to take a flight from this real world to the world of imaginations and dreams. The title track leads us in front of the rabbit hole, provoking us to jump in.

‘Dreaming in Colors’ is a marvelous creation of Joe Jermano, where rock and roll spend time with Blues, synthesizer, rich lyric, etc. With so much excitement and offering, the song echoes the past glories, calling out the future possibilities. I’m happy to assert that ‘Dreaming in Colors’ has refreshed my mind, filling the last inches of my content. Joe Jermano is the person, I’ have been looking for a long time.

– Linda Williams