Bonander celebrates International Women’s Day

Bonander’s new track is an anthem to empowerment and release from gender coded expectations and obligations. Her second single on Sweden’s Icons Creating Evil Art, this song is for all the female and non-binary people who feel constrained by our current society.

With a vocal style reminiscent of Björk and Kate Bush, ‘Quit Everything and become a Princess’ is a pulsating, synth driven track that’s reminiscent of the Blade Runner soundtrack, with overtones of sci-fi style Theremins. The B side ‘Bruset’ is a dramatic orchestral epilogue, which feels like a cry of pain against the state of the world.

Bonander tells us: “I often feel trapped in how I behave and act in life because of my gender and I know I’m not the only one. Quit Everything and become a Princess is a temporary ticket of dancing freedom from these constraints.”

On producing the video she tells us: “we created a silver and white aesthetic for this video. For me it’s about freedom, release and empowerment. A dance in a dreamy silverland, where I can be somebody else, and yet precisely myself, for a while.”