Unusual Hobbies to Boost Creativity as a Musician

In a recent article, Lachi talked about different ways to stay inspired as a songwriter. Listening to current music and recording the ideas you get are among the things you can do to keep the ideas flowing. You can also try co-writing a song to share the experience and expand your horizon in songwriting.

Staying creative and finding fresh ideas as a musician is another challenge. Sometimes, one of the best things to do is trying new things and exploring habits or hobbies that aren’t necessarily related to music directly. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the more unusual ways to boost creativity.


Yes, you read that correctly. Gardening is one of the simplest hobbies to get into, but it is also one of the best ones to try if you want to feel more creative and inspired. The soothing nature of gardening and being in a garden itself can help you develop important traits, including calmness and focus.

America Herald published a report on how gardening may give cancer survivors a healthier life. The study behind that report reveals that gardening allows the body to feel more relaxed, which in turn improves oxygen circulation and allows the brain to get more nutrients. Give it a try and you’ll find the whole activity of taking care of your garden to be very creativity-inducing.


Another easy hobby to get into is running. I’m sure every musician has had that moment where they get ideas while walking down the street; getting into running lets you amplify that sense and allows you to be more creative.

Running improves blood circulation and body metabolism, both of which are great for boosting the amount of oxygen and nutrients that the brain gets. At the same time, running is also very relaxing. Create a playlist to keep you inspired while running and you have the perfect combination.

There is another thing about running that is good for musicians: the fact that it helps build your stamina. Once you are used to a 30-minute run every morning, you’ll start feeling better, more energized, and more prepared for the challenges ahead.

Visual Art

Visual art is the last hobby we are going to cover in this article. Working with visual elements is a fantastic way to stay creative and keep the inspiration flowing. Similar to the previous two hobbies, most visual art-related hobbies are easy to get into.

You can pick up a canvas or a sketchbook and start drawing right away. You can take your camera on a street photography hunt and return with tons of pictures to post on Instagram. You can even experiment with videos and other media that you find accessible.

Visual art is a great way to sharpen the mind. Many great musicians are fantastic photographers or painters; you can be one too! Regardless of the hobby you pick, be sure to keep an open mind, stay relaxed, and let the inspiration come to you naturally. You can boost your creativity as a musician by getting into any of these hobbies.