Anthems For Autumn – ‘Feel Me’

Anthems For Autumn go for a passionate hard rock sound with “Feel Me”. Volume is an absolute must for there is a ferocious physicality to the entire piece. Layer upon layer of sound comes together in a most satisfying way. By far the true heart and soul rests with Brianna Rose’s vocals. Ranging from defiant to tender, everything about her voice simply stuns. Lyrics further emphasize this rebellious spirit imbued deep within the song’s DNA. Highlighting this power, the guitar riffs soar into the sky with the utmost of care, swimming through fields of distortion. Drums swing through with a force of nature quality.



Not a moment is wasted as Anthems For Autumn begins in earnest. Starting with a giddy beat, the whole piece blooms in a radiant display of color quite quickly. Upon her voice entering into the mix she displays an intimacy of sorts. Gradually the buildup incorporates a funky sensibility that propels the song forward. When the hard rock edge hits though it feels well-earned. Akin to a vast wall of sound it washes over everything. Grooves have an unstoppable quality to them as everything moves with an almost feral sort of spirit. Over the course of the piece Anthems For Autumn chooses a unique path, as the song ebbs and flows with a contemplative quality. Towards the end of the piece Anthems For Autumn lets loose.


Infectious and outright inspirational, Anthems For Autumn forges its own path with the sheer careening chaos of “Feel Me”.