Sarah Sharp – ‘You Don’t Dare’

Sarah Sharp’s “You Don’t Dare” dwells with a lovely bluesy take. Loose, the rhythms are imbued with a strong emotional core. Instrumentally rich, Sarah Sharp chooses to follow a path of absolute independence over the course of the track. Thoughtful lyricism reveals a true ear for the poetic, as the wordplay feels quite majestic. Guitar playing additionally adds to the overall mood. By far the true heart and soul comes from Sarah Sharp’s spirited vocal delivery, which feels outright gorgeous. With a balance between the defiant and caressing, the vocals feel just right. Employing a great deal of styles ranging from an undeniable debt to the blues to jazz with classic rock thrown in for good measure, everything simply stuns.


Things start off with a low-slung guitar. With a casual cool to it, the way the song comes into bloom feels graceful. Akin to a slow-moving dance, the intermingling of the instruments adds to the intimate quality. Sarah Sharp’s lovely vocals add to the serene mood of the track. Quite inviting, everything about the piece works wonders. Every single detail can be felt in full, with the jazzy quality feeling positively timeless. Full of a unique personality, the near-dream like state of the track washes over the listener. Crafting an entire unique aural universe, there is something so downright stately about its gritty charm.

“You Don’t Dare” chooses a brilliant, beautiful path, proving Sarah Sharp in possession of a unique voice.