Angela Soffe – “Rocks”

Angela Soffe goes for a truly inspirational message on the life-affirming folk of “Rocks”. Embarking on a great journey the way the piece unfolds gives it a sense of majesty. By relating her experience and transforming it into universal themes the song gains a tremendous power. Forgiveness, togetherness, and acceptance feature prominently over the course of the entire piece, with every single detail coming in full view. The arrangement has a low-key and tasteful quality to it, further embracing the intimate nature of the lyrics. Quite soothing the entire sound washes over, with elements of folk mixed with a beautiful chamber pop.


Things start off on a dreamy note. Featuring languid tempos, the entire thing unfurls with a kind of grace. Her storytelling ability truly leads the way, as she explores concepts of faith throughout the entire piece. Attention to detail means that every flourish possesses a tremendous amount of heart behind it. Instrumentally rich, Angela Soffe ensures that the sound touches the very soul. Gradually the song comes into focus through the cyclical repetition. Every reiteration makes the piece grow in scope as the melodic richness becomes ever more consuming. Underpinning this Angela Soffe’s assured vocals feel absolutely soothing. Never quite becoming too overwhelming, instead the track lets the focal point of community and of forgiveness take center stage. By the final stretch all of this works to transform into a majestic life-affirming message.

With “Rock” Angela Soffe crafts a timeless sound, possessing a message that truly resonates.