The 60th FYC Album by Various Artists – Disc One

With true grace and style, the Paula Boggs Band goes for a 70s-classic cool with “Benediction”. Nicely balancing pop, blues, and jazz into a satisfying whole, her voice carries the song with incredible ease. Outright infectious the riffs feel downright satisfying as they burst with tremendous energy.

A little bit of country comes into the mix on Acoustic Radio’s rustic “Better Man”. Sung with grit and soul, the entire piece powers through. Determined to its very core the lyrics focus upon a life lived to the fullest.

Nimble percussion and intricate arrangements make up Elise Lebec’s graceful “Queen Of Light”. Swirling about with such ease, the voice rests at the very heart of it all. The strings possess such tenderness driving the whole piece forward.

Martha Reich’s fiery spirit shines through on the stripped down “The River”. Positively timeless, the song radiates warmth. From the perfect intersection of vocals and acoustics, everything has a gracious comforting presence.

Celebratory to its very core and bringing a little bit of Bossa Nova into the mix, Donna Scott’s “Carnival” swings. Donna Scott conjures up imagery of Astrid Gilberto’s lovely voice. Full of love the song blooms with tremendous color.

The anthem of Big Bone Daddy’s “All My Time” soars up into the sky. Absolutely gigantic, the approach feels all-consuming. With a great deal of reassurance, the piece has a cinematic majesty to it at times recalling Bob Dylan’s most optimistic love songs.

EDM propels the infectious energy of Murat Ses’s “No No More”. Layer upon layer of sound enters into the mix. Utilizing electro, house, pop, everything feels woven together with such care.

Playfulness comes to define the 50s dop-wop of Maryann’s “Hips, Lips & Eyes”. From the horns to the jaunty rhythms, the whole thing taps into a party atmosphere. Rollicking forward with a tremendous unhinged spirit it feels absolutely maddening in the best way possible.

With a lounge-like quality, Laura Ainsworth’s “The Man I Love Is Gone” sparkles. Drums have a low-key casual cool to them. Best of all is Laura Ainsworth’s undeniable skill at storytelling.

“Reggae Blues” has a hazy, dazed quality to it as it shows off Ricky Persaud’s undeniable chops. Featuring a slinky groove, the piece has a mellowed-out vibe. The spaced out yet sunny vibe works wonders for the track.

Passion pours out of Maryann’s heartfelt ode of “Transparent World”. A style reminiscent of the best of early 90s alt-pop, the piece utilizes a clear-eyed take on the world. Galloping forward with incredible intensity, everything about the piece works wonders.

A revenant spirit is explored with such ease on Vikku Vinayakram and the Selvaganech Family’s sprawling epic of “Guru Stotra ft. Siddhant Bhatia”. The attention to detail feels profound, for every percussive element is amplified to an incredible degree. With ambience, drone, and tactile rhythms coming into the fray the song has a stream-of-consciousness exploration to it.

Hushed with an awesome presence Ingrid Nomad sings with a tremendous amount of confidence on the clear-eyed jazz journey of “No Mind”. Throughout the piece the small details matter most, from the careful piano playing to the low-key bass. Best of all Ingrid Nomad’s voice has a noir-like quality to it, conveying a sense of mystery.

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