The 60th FYC Album by Various Artists – Disc Two

Frank Piombo embarks on a gorgeous journey with the stellar “Keep It Movin’”. Little details make a big difference, from the leisurely bass lines to the playful flute that weaves its way into the mix. Disco, funk, with a distinctly 70s pop style, the eclectic approach works wonders.

A clear-eyed determination rests at the heart of Maryann’s “HITF 06017”. Sung with a soulfulness, the whole piece feels outright celebratory. Best of all the entire song seems to long for a greater hope of coming together to become one.

Washed in a gorgeous nostalgic yellow sheen is Beto Hale’s “The Only One”. Yearning comes to define the piece while it radiates a sense of love. Guitars soar up into the heavens as it all expands into the infinite.

Energy flows out of the driving rhythms of Jordan Green’s “Take A Ride”. With a classic rock sound mixed with country, the whole thing has a wild careening presence. Best of all the vocals further emphasize this desire for a greater freedom.

Mystical with its careful arrangement, Ban Brothers create something truly beautiful with “Tumi Bhorer Paakhi (female)”. Hypnotic, the rhythms take on a cyclical approach. Strings sweep by with true majesty.

Volume deserves to be blasted on Kathryn Shipley’s powerful “Shine Your Love”. From the earnestness of the vocals to the warmth of the message, the song taps into a bluesy gospel. Organs appear heaven-sent as they glow with tremendous joy.

Dubstep, EDM, and Hip Hop come together on the swirling mix of Armen Balyan’s “Fiya”. Quite physical the whole piece feels all-consuming. The carefree careening chaos of the track reveals a true understanding of the dancefloor.

Hushed awe streams out of Deborah Henriksson’s soulful “Whisper”. Never becoming too overwhelming, the gentle grace soothes the soul. Best of all her assuring voice floats above it all in a radiant haze.

A childlike sense of wonder comes into the fray on Kama Ruby’s “Treasure Island”. The angelic presence of the arrangement perfectly embodies the innocence of the lyricism. Over the course of the track Kama Ruby’s theatrical storytelling recalls the epic journey of The Decemberists’ thought-provoking pieces.

Rushing by in an unruly spirit, The Two Tens go for a rebellious attitude with “Keeping Hope Alive”. Hyperactive, the whole track feels akin to a fantastic blur. Outright inviting everything about the song goes for a welcoming, warm invitation to starting a new relationship.

Things come down to the essentials on Maryann’s expansive “Life – Thank You”. With a timeless grace to it, Maryann brings folk and rock into a satisfying whole. Easily the highlight comes from her careful poetic lyricism.

A casual cool gives Shea Welsh’s “Slowly Falling Featuring: Michelle Coltrane” a true gracefulness. From the sweetness of the choir to the laid-back rhythms, the whole piece feels akin to be in a long-forgotten dream. Melodically rich, the piece simply stuns.

Epic in its arrangement and its patience, Kala Ramnath and Ojas Adhiya craft an incredible journey with “Om Namah Shivaya”. Displaying an uncanny ear for melody and rhythm, the piece feels truly alive. Attention to detail means that every moment sparkles with a tremendous sense of spirit.

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