LEYYA’s brand new Video “HEAT”

LEYYA just released (01/19/2018) their latest Single “Heat” from their new album “Sauna” (01/26/2018 on LasVegas Records / +1 Records).

Director Marie-Therese Hildenbrandt says about the video: “The song Heat for me has a very strong energy. We wanted to transfer that energy using the concept of a girl gang. The video itself has a tinge of an ironic undercurrent. The play with violence and weapons was used as both a critical and humorous view on female emancipation and the suspense-packed times we live in.”

Since Leyya (Marco Kleebauer and Sophie Lindinger) decided on a name for their album, this dialogue keeps coming. Not that they are huge fans of regular sweating in a big wooden box. Sauna, to them, is rather a symbol for getting together without any social barriers or classes, where nakedness also brings a certain equality. It could also be viewed as a melting pot – in every sense of the word. And what more brings all of this together but the gigantic rainbow on the albums artwork: Colourful, diverse and meaningful – that’s something that Leyya want you to see and hear in their music, too. “Sauna”, they say, “is the record where you can actually hear the colours.”

They keep the theme in their titles (“Heat”); and in a way you can hear the beat sweating in songs like “Oh Wow”. And while “Sauna” features a lot of weird noises, nerdy beats, unusual use of instruments and a certain quirkiness, it doesn’t fail in screaming “Pop!” in bold, futuristic letters.

Photo by Ella Kronberger