Matthew Carroll – ‘Left To Burn’

Matthew Carroll sings with a fiery passion on the lovely lyricism of “Left To Burn”. Narratives, vignettes of relationships, all of these come into view throughout the album. Attention to detail means these sounds radiate with a tremendous amount of life. By opting for such an all-encompassing style, it is easy to get lost in the many twists and turns brought into the fray. Stylistically Matthew Carroll draws from a wide variety of genres, ranging from indie pop to classic rock, doing all of it with the utmost of grace.


Things start off just right with the incredible work of “Next One On Her List”. A bit of playfulness comes into view on the colossal riffs of “She Just Wants Me For My Body”. Virtually bursting at the seams, “Ex Girlfriend” chooses a driving rhythm to help it rush by in a gorgeous blur. Stripping things down to the absolute essentials “Pilots And Sailors” goes for an intimate atmosphere. Giddy to its very core “All My Love” feels akin to a long-lost AM pop classic. Reminiscent of Jon Brion’s work “Folding” has a strong sense of earnestness to it. Funk and blues come into the fray on the celebratory spirit of “Her Moves”. Embodying all of the heartfelt emotion that came before it, “Love” ends the album on a reflective note.

On “Left To Burn” Matthew Carroll creates an entire universe, one that positively brims with thoughtful stories and infectious melodies.

By Trevor Wanes