Get In The Holiday Spirit With Matteo Markus Bok “This Christmas”

In the same spirit as Justin Bieber and Harry Styles, meet Matteo Markus Bok, a true teen icon. From his performance as Simba in The Lion King when he was only 9 years old to hosting the show Magic English on Disney Junior Channel to being a finalist on The Voice Kids Germany and performing on Italia’s Got Talent, he’s always had a spark- that little something that makes anyone who hears him sing say, “This kid has what it takes!”

After releasing his first single “Just One Lie” in May 2017, Matteo hit the road for his first tour, and has since become a huge star in his home country Italy and the rest of Europe, now ready to meet America this Holiday Season with his new music video for “This Christmas.”

The video for “This Christmas” opens to an overhead shot of a snow-covered village nestled in the mountains. It may be cold outside, but inside a log cabin, Matteo and a lovely young lady have no problems staying warm. From hot chocolate to snowball fights, “This Christmas” will make you want to find someone special to spend the holidays with.