Rhett Repko – “And I Told Her So”

Rhett Repko is a renowned singer who gained instant fame with his special style of fusion music. He has rejuvenated the music industry with a new and refreshing musical harmony by dramatically amalgamating the music styles of rock and roll and pop music. His debut EP ‘’Thanks For The Ride’’ generates the new single ‘’And I Told Her So’’ which seals his place as a gifted singer and songwriter in the musical world.

Repko started his singing career at the age of fifteen when he had first started taking guitar classes at school. Always a passionate musical artist, Repko had always fantasized the music of Beatles with their incredible heartfelt harmonies and impressively varied instrumental arrangement. Harbouring the desire to become a songwriter, Repko ventured for a BA in music. This was the time when he finally formed a band with three other musicians.

Inspired by George Martin of Beatles and Butch Vig’s enchanting work in Nirvana’s Nevermind, Repko’s special kind of music has brought him much recognition. He has been recognized as one of the semi-finalists at the song of the year contest by the International Songwriting Contest, for his songs ‘’A Little Loving” and ‘’Ábout Last Night” in 2016.

‘’And I Told Her So’’ is one of the most typical type of Rhett Repko creation which leaves its essence behind even when the song has ended a long time back. In a melodious harmony of consistent upbeat, the music of the song creates a beautiful hearing. With a strong lyrical background and an equally engaging instrumental backup, Repko easily creates a track that keeps a listener interested and encircled in the beautiful ethereal of the song.

Based on the chord progression of pop music, the song is well capable to mesmerize the audience with its amusing and soulful bass section by Dan Gallagher. Stefan Heuer’s background vocal tunes do well with the heavy and high pitched voice by Repko. Tom Bryant creates magic with the pulsating beats of his drums as he creates a strong ambiance where the soul of the song unites with the feelings of the heart. A mix of retro and modern technique has taken the song to another high notch.

Repko is a true genius when it comes to songwriting and this song, ‘’And I Told Her So” is the latest example of the same. Just as Repko has always believed, his music does have the capacity to deliver emotion. Even with a minimalist approach towards digital effects on the song, Repko has created the much-required ambiance needed for the song with his inspiring words and a strongly evoking instrumental association. The voice quality of the song is maintained pretty well.

With this new song, Repko is sure to charm his audience with the extremely special melodious beat and harmonious musical creation. The song does keep a consistent tone but does not bore its audience with its monotonous nature. The song is praise-worthy for the beautiful craftsmanship by the ingenious musical creator.


– Terry Sanders