New Video By DYK “The Procrastinator”

They say an artist is their story. In the case of Caracas, Venezuela’s hard rock outfit DYK, this story has become a life-long journey. Transcending borders from South to North America, these rockers have been in the game for longer than some of their fans have been alive, and their groove-heavy new single, “The Procrastinator”, flaunts their veteran status with pristine musicianship and melodic mastery.

Back in 1986, drummer, producer ,and songwriter JE Zerpa and bassist and backing vocalist Oscar Fanega were just your average teens attending high school in Venezuela’s capital city of Caracas. They began playing local shows for fun and fell in love with the art of rocking & rolling at a very young age. Influenced by bands such as Rush and The Police, these two rhythm players quickly realized the magic that lies in the hands of the bass and drums. These friends have been diverging themselves from the nuances and cliches of the scene by using the rhythm section as the nucleus of their musical makeup. Fast forward 30 years, through the rise and fall of numerous key eras of music, and this dynamic duo is finally opening the floodgates for the world to be engulfed in the roaring seas of DYK.

Their new single, “The Procrastinator” fuzes the sounds of progressive-rock, metal, and electronic music to create a never-before-heard type of new-rock with a brand of originality and passion the world has been waiting for. Driven by the bass and drums in classic DYK fashion, Fanega opens the song with a silky smooth bassline. Zerpa smacks listeners with the tightest of beats, using the kick drum to accent the bass line with utter perfection. Their innate skill in the melody department is evident in this track with a sultry, enticing vocal track and an addicting synth line throughout the entirety of the work. The official music video serves as the perfect visual aid to this tantalizing tune. Showcasing a day in the life of a true procrastinator, the main character’s vices get the best of him as he struggles to make it out of bed in the morning. The song’s lyrical content is undeniably relateable with lines like, “I’m always looking for excuses for tomorrow, feel free to wait and pray, I think it’s not too late.” We all know “The Procrastinator” in our lives, whether it is a friend or even ourselves. The fact that Zerpa produced both the music and the video himself proves the band is quite the opposite of the archetype they describe, and lucky for fans, the DYK train is barreling-on full speed ahead.